In Memory Of Our Loved Ones Who Left Us Too Soon

What do we do to cope more easily with the loss of a loved one, and what consoles us? These words, are the words of one of my favorite authors, William Faulkner Jr.

The loss of a loved one leaves a deep scar and our lives seem to change forever, but we yearn for the chance to meet at least once more. We hear a familiar voice again, embrace it one last time, say words we have never done before, hear it again and say goodbye.

Although this belief is not scientifically proven, many people believe that deceased friends and family members are close to us after their death. Some claim to have experienced things that are attributed to potentially deceased relatives, and others believe that the deceased sometimes tries to contact us from the afterlife.

Some people simply know when they are in the presence of their deceased relatives and suddenly feel cold or get goosebumps all over their bodies.

Dreams are one of the most common ways we encounter them, and we all say the same thing. If you have vivid or recurring dreams of your loved ones, listen carefully.

The souls of your loved ones are trying to reach you, and the spirits possess a higher energy. Sometimes you dream of being touched by someone in your sleep, of stroking your skin or of mourning at a funeral.

Psychologist James Van Praagh claims that many people come to funerals to comfort their loved ones. Animals are very sensitive to high energy, and pets sense the presence of the deceased in the room and can cause them to behave strangely for no apparent reason.

When you are deeply enmeshed in the thoughts of your loved ones, look around and feel as if you are seeing them in your peripheral vision, or when you are looking around the room while you are deeply burned into the thoughts of those people. This also means that they try to communicate with you, and you often see no one there, but you could hide a photo of the two of you together or a gift. If you have seen a number that says something about your relationship, it is a sign that you have used the number for the contact.

When you think of your loved ones or listen to a song on your phone, TV or radio, they try to communicate with you. If you feel that you have lost someone, it can be a therapeutic way to deal with the pain.

A study of elderly widows and widowers in Wales found that 39 percent had felt their presence repeatedly, 14 percent said they had seen it, 13 percent said they had heard a voice and 3 percent felt in touch. Ghosts also always have messages to deliver to their loved ones and it is not uncommon to have long conversations about the worries of life. When one connects with a spirit, one often gets a name for how one died, and when love is eternal and death is never the end, the spirit wants to send a message to one and his loved ones.

These signs from the other side may be small and easy to discern at first, but when they are perceived and recognized, they can gain in importance. The best strategy for recognizing this is to express an intention to be open to these signs.


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