Don’t Push Genuine People Away, They’re Harder To Find Than You Think

Love hurts men and women alike, and anyone who tells you that there is no real way to ease the pain after a separation is probably lying to you. Separation is an open wound that bleeds of the person you hurt. There is nothing more painful than the loss of a loved one, no matter how short was that, but there is no easy way out, only a long and painful way back.

Eventually the pain disappears, but only after a long time and only with the help of a good therapist and a lot of hard work.

Women, on the other hand, cry in their rooms every day and think about it again, but time is crucial here. One day you will wake up and know who you are as a person and you will be ready to move on. I can’t tell you when or how exactly but I know it will be there, and one day I will know what it is.

The truth is that we all need to work on ourselves, and the more we do it, the better are our chances of success in life.

We all want to be human beings and to be loved in the same way, the only thing that makes us different is how we interact with each other. A general rule of thumb is to hate the opposite sex not just because of one person.

They may be emotionally unstable, but they can also lie, cheat, psychologically abuse women and men.

There are not male or female characteristics, only exist human characteristics and each must choose his own path. So choose your own path and the rest of the world doesn’t have to hate that one person for that.

Good, loving, caring people do not just fall into your lap, you have to look for them and they look for you. It is your job to get rid of the negativity and find someone who is better than you. Know that as soon as you enter this life, do not let it slip out of your hands. Eventually, you will realize the chaos it has caused and what you have had to lose.

Some people exaggerate their brand, pretend to be someone they are not, they fake wealth and they pretend to be real. Be humble with a gentle heart, cherish tender, hard-working, romantic men, and cherish caring women who do not play mind games and pretend to be hard to get.

There are people who love endlessly and do not pay attention to the material things that one possesses or to one’s soul. You will be attracted to fewer people than the real ones, but you will love them with all your love and they will respond with the same intensity.

Genuine, mature, caring people are not motivated by ego, stigma, pride or narcissism. They are motivated by equality, humility and mutual understanding, not self-interest, greed, jealousy, arrogance, selfishness, anger, fear, envy, etc.


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