When You Are With The Right Person, You Won’t Have Eyes For Anyone Else

If you are with someone who feels committed to you, who chooses you every day, who is always there, whose heart beats only for you, and who considers you part of his destiny, you will have eyes for each other. You will fall in love with this person because he feels that you have the happiest person in your life.

Someone who holds your hand and never lets go, whose eyes twinkle with love and joy when you are close, and who never stops holding you.

Someone who doesn’t need anyone to get what he gets and who does everything to make people happy. Someone you love, someone who knows your heart and soul, will have eyes for you without anyone knowing you.

He will be your greatest supporter and motivator, he will make love easy and effortless, and he will help you become a better person.

When you are with him, you will feel truly loved and cared for, and he knows your values and respects your opinions.

He loves you with all your faults and everything in between, and he wants to build a life with you. He considers you like his best friend and lover, but he is also the one you will love and build your life around you.

So stop being satisfied with less, you are worth loving and you deserve to have someone who has eyes for you before anyone else. You deserve the opportunity to love someone passionately who knows you, when you have everything and deserve the privilege of living with someone who has your eye on you, not the other way around.


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