You Deserve to Have a Partner Who Enjoys Loving You

How many times have you seen this stupid game and thought about how unrealistic it seems, and laughed at the idealistic depiction of love and relationships? Then you will probably remember a time when you believed that love can be perfect, that it can offer you everything you ever wanted and that you will always be happy afterwards. I am one of those fools who still believe in innocent, unconditional love, and I just have to admit that I have been there.

Now I am wiser, know better and have learned to settle for a lot less than before. But I am also the one who has learned to be more calm and composed and not to believe in fairy tales.

If the fairy tale is there and it could happen to you, do not lose hope, even if you are wrong, you cannot lose all hope.

This kind of attitude will not bring you happiness for the rest of your life, on the contrary, it will lead you into a life of boredom and mediocrity. In fact, you should lower your expectations, because the only possible result is that you live an average life as an average person.

It may not be the right time for you, but that doesn’t mean you should stop loving someone. You deserve to be with someone who will enjoy loving you, and you need to let that person find you. Let’s dream a little and let’s bring back the hope we lost a long time ago, you deserve it, there’s someone you love.

Don’t be afraid to show your feelings, show the world that you won’t settle for anything less than pure, heartbreaking love. Do not hold back, do not let your love pour into this world, open your heart. The right person is there for you and you are ready to find him or her, so open them.

This person will love you more than anyone in this world and will not be afraid to show you how much he cares about you, how his heart beats when he sees you. You deserve to be with someone like that, that person, you deserve it and you will.

You deserve to be with a partner who respects and admires you, who is proud of your achievements and who will consider you the most exciting, amazing and kind person. If love really is what it is, then it is not asking too much to ask someone who enjoys loving you and really falling in love with you. You want to spend your whole life with your partner, who wants nothing more than to grow old and spend eternity with him.

It may not always be comfortable or easy, but mostly it makes you happy to be alive and you are lucky to experience it in a way you have never experienced before. Never settle for anything less than crazy, stupid love, it’s what sometimes drives you crazy and drives me crazy. That’s the most important thing for me, that I’m still alive and lucky to have experienced it.


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