What Scents Attract Happiness, Money And Love In The Home?

Do you know that you can attract love, money and happiness with certain scents in the home, as well as with the scent of the parts of the body where the chakras are located?

Scents have great power and when combined with the radiating energy from the 7 chakras, they can help you achieve a lot.

Aromatherapy is an ancient healing method and according to Feng Shui scents are a manifestation of the energy of the space in which one resides.

The most important thing is that the home smells clean, all other odors create negative energy. It is very important that the living space is well ventilated.

You should avoid fresheners with various odors and chemicals. Natural scents have an advantage, especially flowers.

Use natural scents – oils, candles, fresh flowers or fruits. With essential oils you can make a refreshing spray in combination with water.

Orange scented essential oils attract happiness and pleasure.

The scent of pine attracts money and protection.

Camphor repels negative energy.

The scent of lavender brings peace.

If you have lemon scented essential oils, then people at home will have control over their emotions and mental stability.

The scent of wild berries attracts friendship and love in the home.

For all those who are looking for sincere love, the scent of orchids and roses is the right choice.

The sweet scents of vanilla and cinnamon bring marital happiness.


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