“Woman Is The Pillar Of The Family”: The Best Quotes From Grace Kelly

We all know her as the beautiful princess of Monaco. Before she married Prince Rainier III, she was an American actress who worked in Hollywood.

She was elegant, refined and lived the dream of every girl.

Here are some of her most famous quotes:

  1. My father had a very simple view of life, you can’t get anything out of nothing. Everything must be earned, through work, perseverance and honesty. My father also had a deep charm and a gift for gaining trust. He was the kind of person many people dream of spending an evening with.
  2. I like to walk in the woods, on paths and along the beach. I want to be part of nature. For me it is therapy. Everyone has to spend time alone to recharge their batteries.
  3. When I finally took the time to look into the heart of the flowers, a whole new world opened up to me. A world in which every journey is a new adventure, where every garden is magical.
  4. I was criticized for being cold and distant. Those who know me well know that I am not like that at all. If anything, I’m just the opposite. But is it too much if you want to preserve your privacy, your personal feelings? Many things touch me and I do not want to be unreasonable.
  5. I’m actually a feminist. I think women can do whatever they want.
  6. I have had happy moments in my life. But I do not think that happiness is something that lasts forever. Life is not like that.
  7. I never say never and I never say always.
  8. Why be angry? Anger does not solve anything. I do not want to shout and argue and I can not be involved in an argument. I prefer to leave things as they are. When people use wrong and offensive words, they hit me and I remember them for a long time.
  9. When I married Prince Rainier, I married the man he really is, not what he represents. I fell in love with him without thinking about anything else.
  10. I hated Hollywood. It is a city without compassion. Only success matters. There is no other place where so many people suffer from nervous breakdown, where there are so many alcoholics, neurotics and unhappiness.
  11. The emancipation of women made them lose their mystery.
  12. As an unmarried woman, people perceived me as a danger.
  13. I do not want to be married to someone who will feel inferior if I earn more than him.
  14. The natural role of a woman is to be a pillar of the family.
  15. I want to act, but I don’t want to be a movie star.

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