Husband Decides To Buy A Lottery Ticket For Teacher Wife After ‘Rough Week,’ And She Wins

After a particularly trying week, one lucky Maryland teacher scored big when her husband decided to buy a scratch-off lottery ticket. Robyn Mejia and her husband only play the lottery once a year, but their 2022 ticket has well exceeded their expectations!

Robyn Mejia is an elementary school teacher. Robyn, 39, has been a teacher for 18 years, but the last few years have been difficult for educators.

It’s been difficult to verify that pupils are getting what they need in the classroom due to COVID-19 shutdowns and transitioning to alternative teaching methods. When you add in spring fever, which seems to affect all school-aged youngsters at this time of year, our teachers have a lot on their plates!

Robyn’s husband purchased her a $5 “Ca$h to Go!” scratch-off lottery ticket to cheer her up, believing it would be a pleasant gift. The ticket turned out to be more than a token of affection. In actuality, the winning ticket was valued $50,000 and was purchased at 7-Eleven #28960 in Thurmont.

Robyn’s horrible week was suddenly over! Robyn, a mother of two, and her husband have been putting money down to buy a new house. They don’t have to wait any longer thanks to the scratch-off lottery ticket winnings. “We have been accumulating money for a down payment on a house, hoping we would be ready by the end of the year,” Robyn said in a statement to the Maryland Lottery. We don’t have to wait any longer!”

Robyn’s husband took the scratch-off lottery ticket into the store to be scanned for verification because he wanted to be sure it was a winner. They then requested that their brother-in-law scan it with the Maryland Lottery app. It was, indeed, the real stuff!

Robyn kept the ticket safe until she was able to redeem it in Baltimore during her school’s spring vacation. 7-Eleven #28960, the winning seller, won a $500 bonus for selling the top prize in this game!



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