Will Smith’s Calendar Just Keeps Clearing Itself

Will Smith’s dominoes are still falling over a month after the smack heard ’round the globe. Smith’s problems have only gotten worse after his dismissal from the Academy, his decade-long ban from the Oscars, and the indefinite postponement of his many film projects. Two more of his films are now in peril, with one of them being permanently canceled.

Bright 2, a sequel to the 2017 film directed by David Ayer and starring Smith, has been officially canceled by Netflix. Smith starred as an LAPD detective who lives and works in a version of Los Angeles where humans and supernatural animals coexist, and he was expected to return in the sequel. The sequel was revealed just a month after the film’s debut in January 2018, and has been in the works ever since. It’s no longer in the works, according to Bloomberg, and the cancellation is “unrelated” to the smack. A film that has been in development hell for years is abruptly and conveniently canceled less than a month after its star is engaged in a global scandal? Netflix, let’s face it, we weren’t born yesterday.

Meanwhile, National Geographic has postponed the production of Pole to Pole, a documentary series about Smith’s journey to both the North and South Poles. Following One Strange Rock and Welcome to Earth, this will be Smith’s third collaboration with National Geographic. The series was supposed to start filming in three weeks, but it has now been postponed until the fall. The delay is said to be due to Smith’s Oscars scandal, according to Bloomberg.

But, for a mega-rich, mega-famous celebrity, what does lost revenue and visibility mean? Smith’s $350 million net worth will see him through, and the world isn’t going to stop talking about him anytime soon. But if there’s one consequence Smith can’t avoid, it’s his mother’s wrath.

Source: yahoo.com


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