3 Years After Woman Is Told Her Baby Died After Birth, She Finds Out Her Child Was Adopted By Another Couple

A mother who gave birth to a baby walked out of the same hospital without her daughter on the same day, while another couple became adoptive parents to one.
It can be emotionally difficult to discover your child isn’t dead but alive somewhere out there after grieving for a child and attempting to spend the rest of your life with whatever strength you have left. When a mother discovers that her daughter, who was supposed to have died in the hospital shortly after birth, is still alive. She started looking into what had happened to her baby girl, RaeLa.
According to Daily Dot, Damea Morris, a Black mother, gave birth to her daughter at home on September 6, 2017. To help her get through the birth, the baby’s father allegedly went out in search of assistance and returned with a woman who aided Damea until the paramedics arrived.
They discovered that the baby was not breathing, and the woman who arrived to assist Damea allegedly advised her not to nurse RaeLa despite the fact that she was not a doctor.
When the paramedics arrived and severed the umbilical cord, RaeLa began to cry. The mother and child were eventually brought to St. Joseph’s Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota. It was at this point that things took a dramatic turn. The mother was allegedly warned that her baby girl would not survive. Damea was not even given a birth certificate when they left the hospital; all they had was a picture of the baby and an urn provided by the hospital.
On the same day, Joanna and Jake Lentner, a White couple, left St. Joseph’s Hospital with the news that they would be parents to an adopted child. The day after Damea allegedly lost her baby, Joanna and Jake received a call from the hospital notifying them that they had one last patient that they could adopt before the maternity wing closed. Joanna and Jake’s adoption was finalized on September 6, 2017, the same day that Damea’s newborn died.
Years later, Damea wrote on Facebook about how her baby was still alive, and @mami manii shared screenshots of the post on Twitter. “It was around three years ago. Saint Joseph’s Hospital informed us that our baby girl RaeLa had died “In the post, the mother stated. “Our lives were permanently changed as we struggled to cope with the disaster. It’s been extremely difficult and perplexing. Only to learn recently that there is a strong likelihood that we were duped and that our baby is still alive someplace with a new family (Mind you, we were never granted a Death certificate of any kind). However, I was presented with an urn and a photograph of the infant…”
Damea was claimed to have pressed for a death certificate for RaeLa after learning of her baby’s death and even sought legal advice. That’s when she found out there was an open adoption with Joanna Lentner.
“All of this info is mind-blowing,” the mother’s post wrote in screenshots. “If you know any lawyers or anyone in this type of illegal adoption business, please DM if you have any information that may assist us figure out what happened to our wonderful baby GIRL…”
People who saw the story’s screenshots were startled to learn that something like this could happen. Some Twitter users even uploaded screenshots from Joanna and Jake Lentner’s site, which they believe was where they were purportedly sharing updates on their adoption adventure. The blog, as well as Joanna’s photography page, Joanna Mae Photography, has been removed. Later, the couple’s other social media profiles were also taken down.’
Damea set up a GoFundMe page, which was later deleted, in the hopes of raising money for legal bills so she could finally learn what happened to RaeLa “I just need assistance figuring out how to reclaim my child. My children are all I have through all of my hardships and tribulations. My position isn’t perfect, but I don’t deserve any of them to be taken [sic] from me.”

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