Man Sings His Heart Out After A Tragic Loss And It Brings Katy Perry To Tears

True artists have found a way to cope with suffering and loss by expressing it artistically via music. And that’s exactly what Tyler Allen of Alabama said in his American Idol audition, which stunned the audience.

Tyler Allen, a delivery driver from Mobile, Alabama, is 24 years old. In a recent 18-wheeler truck tragedy, he tragically lost his sister along with his nephew Noah. Tyler had his own share of sadness to deal with, while being the family’s rock on which everyone relied.

He went on American Idol to dedicate a song to his nephew, who had only recently begun walking and talking when he was hit by an 18-wheeler truck. When he was rocking him to sleep, he used to sing this to him.

Imagine the anguish and fortitude Tyler displayed on stage while singing Whitney Houston’s “I believe in you and me.”

I believe in you and me
I believe that we will be in love eternally
Well, as far as I can see
You will always be the one for me
Oh yes, you will

The audition went well for him, and he was invited to the American Idol audition.

Tyler’s biggest wish, though, is to assist his family in moving on.

Music is, without a doubt, his greatest source of comfort and hope at this difficult time.



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