A Girl Came Pregnant On A Tinder Date – The Guy Was With Her On Childbirth, He Accepted The Child As His Own

Alice and Max from Australia had just gone on three dates and were about to go on a fourth when Alic

e, who was pregnant, started to feel pain and understood she was going to give birth. Max surprised her by assisting her in getting to the hospital and being her strongest supporter.

Alice Hodges of Australia shared an interesting story about her birth on her TikTok account, and the video has already received over 1.3 million views.

Alice, 20, stated in a video posted earlier this month that she met Max Sylvie, 25, on Tinder and had gone on three dates with him.

Max was on a business trip before the fourth meeting, and Alice was supposed to pick him up from the airport. But, just as she was about to leave, she started to feel agony and understood she was about to give birth.


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Max immediately found another way home and then headed to Alice to help her get to the hospital. And not only did the young man take her, but he also stayed with her until she was discharged from the hospital.

“I was a little nervous because I was alone and I was worried because yes, I needed his support, but I was wondering what if we break up in just a week?

We had only seen each other three times. We did not know each other well. Even then our parents did not know about us. “But in the end he came with me and was truly my biggest support,” stated the girl.

According to Alice, the physicians judged that it was too early to give delivery after examining her and sent her home. Then Max arrived and stayed with her for the entire week, until it was time for her to give birth.

The young man explained, “I was with her all week and accompanied her to the hospital when she needed it.”

Max stayed by Alice’s side for several days after she gave birth, until she was released from the hospital. The physicians assumed he was the father and frequently called him as such, and he did not resist, according to Alice.

“When they called him father, he was not offended at all.” “You just have to accept it.”

The couple was interviewed by a popular local media after their charming and unusual love story drew a lot of attention in Australia.

“We were both aware that we loved one other and that we had significant feelings for each other.” “However, my speech appeared to bring us closer together.” Now that I think about it, I’m glad he was there with me.”


Alice also says that she was seven months pregnant when she created her Tinder profile. On her LinkedIn page, she highlighted this.

“I didn’t want to lie, so I was straightforward and truthful.”

Max, on the other hand, claims that he recognized Alice as a special girl as soon as he saw her profile.

“Normally, I wouldn’t become involved with a pregnant girl, but Alice had something unique about her.”

The couple is still together, and Max assists Alice with her son’s care. They intend to live together in the near future. Although it is unknown when Alice gave birth or when they met Max, the most important thing is that they are both incredibly happy.

“I believe that Max’s presence at my son’s birth increased his bond with him; Max is already a very significant person in his life, but it’s even greater that he was present on his birth day.”

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