“Are You Bathing Them For The 4th Time This Week? You Will Melt Them!”- Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Respond To Criticism Of Child Hygiene

“For the fourth time, you’re washing the kids!” “Wow, that’s a lot!” – After earlier confessing that children only bathe them when they are clearly unclean and do not use soap, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis replied in their own unique way to the criticism levied at them.

Ashton (43) and Mila (37) confessed that they only bathe their son Dimitri (4) and daughter Wyatt (6) when they appear unclean, rather than every day as many parents do.

They stated they were doing it to prevent having to use soap on their children’s bodies.

As a result, they discovered that even while bathing the youngsters, they nearly never use soap because they don’t want their skin to dry up.

Following that, a series of critiques about their cleanliness practices were leveled at them, prompting the actor pair to respond in their own, amusing way.

They shared a brief video on Instagram in which Ashton jokes with Mila, saying:

“Do you spray the kids with water?” Are you attempting to liquefy them? This is the fourth time in a week… “Wow, that’s a lot!”


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