Angelina Jolie Is Instagram Queen – Gathered 1.7 Million Followers In 1 Hour And Broke The Record Of Jennifer Aniston

Angelina Jolie had avoided social media her whole career, but she has recently opted to open an Instagram account that has 1.7 million followers in less than an hour, smashing Jennifer Aniston’s previous record.

Angelina Jolie launched an Instagram account to the joy of her admirers, and in only one hour, she had 1.7 million followers.

Jolie’s profile immediately surpassed a million followers as a result of this. Jennifer Aniston set the previous record in 2019, when her Instagram account gained one million followers in only five hours.

According to reports, Jolie’s Instagram followers have doubled in three hours, and the profile now has over 7.5 million followers.

The actress made her Instagram debut by sharing a letter from a little Afghan girl in order to raise awareness about the country’s plight. The girl expresses her anxiety and bewilderment regarding the happenings in Afghanistan in her letter.

“This is a letter I received from an Afghan adolescent. People in Afghanistan are currently losing their ability to communicate on social media and openly voice their ideas. Well, I came to Instagram to share their experiences and the voices of individuals struggling for their fundamental human rights all around the world.”

The actress took use of the opportunity to beg people to assist the less fortunate.

“Like other devoted people, I will not turn my back.” I’ll keep looking for ways to help, and I hope you’ll join me,” the post’s description says.

The actress then published another tweet about individuals being forced to flee their homes as a result of turmoil, urging her fans to back her campaign and assist them in fighting for their rights.

Jolie’s initial post received over 3 million likes, while her second received over 1.6 million.

As previously stated, Jennifer Aniston previously held the record for gaining a million followers in the shortest amount of time. The actress created her Instagram account in 2019, and her first post was a group selfie of the Friends cast. This article has received an astonishing 16.5 million likes so far.

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are still fighting for custody of their children, and insiders close to the actors say the war is far from done.

Both Jolie and Pete have recruited top attorneys and have spent millions of dollars on this thus far. According to reports, neither of them intends to give up, and given that they now have enough money to hire attorneys, the custody battle might drag on for years.

Brad and Angelina began dating in 2005, married in 2014, and divorced two years later.

Brad Pitt was previously married to Jennifer Aniston, and the cause for their divorce was Angelina Jolie.



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