Rich Man Marries Poor Woman While His Mother Secretly Plans to Get Rid of Her

Against his family’s desires, a wealthy man marries a poor girl. They have three children and live happily ever after until he is forced to take over the family business.

Rick Pace was smitten with Ada the instant she handed him his caramel latte. He returned to the same café every day until he persuaded her to accompany him out. He proposed six months later, and she accepted.

Rick’s family was furious when they found out he was marrying a poor orphan from Queens, but he didn’t seem to mind.

He was smitten by Ada.

He moved to Houston to work for a Fortune 500 corporation, far from his family’s influence. He’d never believed he’d change his mind about Ada or his family.

Rick Pace married Ada against his wealthy family's wishes | Source:

Rick and Ada were the proud parents of three lovely children and the happiest couple anyone had ever seen seven years later. Then Rick’s uncle Denton died, and their lives were turned completely upside down.

Uncle Denton had been in control of the family business for the last 30 years, and now Rick was in charge. As a result, the young family was forced to relocate from Houston to New York, where the remainder of the Pace family resided.

Rick remarked, “I was thinking that perhaps we could live in the family home for a while? It has almost 20 bedrooms, plenty of room for us and our workers, and my mother and aunt will be there to assist us settle in!”

Ada, on the other hand, paused. “Oh, Rick, I’ve always wished for us to have our own house!” she exclaimed. “Plus, I’m not sure I want to share with two women who don’t like me!”

Rick exclaimed, “Nonsense!” “Years have passed since then! They can see how happy you’ve made me now, and they’re looking forward to seeing the kids!”

So Ada caved in, and the family was in New York two weeks later, meeting the Paces. Frances, Rick’s mother, smiled and kissed Ava on the cheek before surveying the three youngsters.

Tessa was five, Gina was three, and Rick Jr. was nine months old at the time. Frances said, “Goodness!” “What lovely youngsters they are! Where did they obtain those enormous blue eyes, though?”

Ada explained, “My grandmother had blue eyes.” “I’m pleased they received the gene!” says the narrator.

“Indeed!” Frances exclaimed, a wicked little smile on her face. Her cunning mind was working a mile a minute behind that smile. She hoped she’d just figured out a method to persuade her son to dump this unsuitable girl and her wretched children…

Frances stepped into her son’s office a few weeks later. She said, “Darling.” “We must communicate! I didn’t want to bother you, but, to tell you the truth…”

Rick smirked. “Mom, what’s going on?”

“It’s Ada…

I didn’t want to tell you, but I believe she’s having an affair with you.”

Rick was perplexed. “Ada?” he inquired. “Wait a minute, mom, where did you get that idea?”

“Rick, I heard her on the phone,” Frances explained. “And I caught a glance of a text message the other day — well, it was extremely indiscreet!”

Rick’s face was flushed as he glanced at his mother. “Is there anything else?” he inquired.

“The youngsters…” Frances pretended to think for a moment. “Darling, I know you adore them, and it’s not their fault, but you and Ada both have brown eyes… Have you considered the possibility that they aren’t yours?”

Rick, on the other hand, was no longer paying attention. He was dashing out the door, hurrying back to his house. He didn’t even think about it because he was so consumed by jealously and rage. He entered the room he shared with Ada and took her phone from her.

Ada objected, but he simply pushed her aside. He cried, “I want to know what’s going on in my own house!” He opened the text messages and read one that Ava hadn’t yet opened.

Jonathan had signed the note, which was quite attractive. “What is Jonathan’s name?” Rick screamed angrily. “Is he the father of your children?”

“Rick, you are the father of my children! It’s our kids!” Ada sobbed.

“Get out!” yelled the crowd. Rick yelled. “Get out of here, you and your brats!”

Ada packed a few of her belongings as well as a few necessities for the kids and phoned a taxi. She spotted Frances smiling her sneaky little smile as she walked down the stairs, carrying Rick and lugging a suitcase, and she knew who had destroyed her marriage.

Ada stood tall and walked out the door with her children. She made a series of meetings and arrangements that afternoon, and a week later she was seated across from Rick and his lawyer.

They were there to talk about the divorce terms, but Ada’s lawyer insisted that they first talk about the kids.

“Rick, before I consent to the divorce, I want you to sign total custody of the children over to me,” Ada said quietly.

Rick was enraged. “Please hand over the paperwork! The brats are yours!” He took the papers that Ada’s lawyer had provided him and signed them.

“Good!” said Ada’s lawyer, handing Rick a large thick envelope and leading Ada out of the room. Rick slid the envelope open. He had anticipated to see a list of Ada’s requests, but he was taken aback.

Instead, three DNA tests for Tessa, Gina, and Little Rick were included in the mail, proving that the three children were his. Ada’s message was on the last page: “I had a thing for you. I’ve never cheated in my life.”

When Rick returned home, he handed his mother the results, and Frances began to cry. “If only I’d known it was my grandchildren…”

“Mother, what did you do?” Rick inquired, and Frances admitted that she had sent the text messages to Ada’s phone in order to make it appear as if she was cheating.

Rick was heartbroken, and he begged Ada for forgiveness, but she went forward with the divorce nevertheless, and she received half of the Pace family money. Frances had to beg Ada for permission to meet her grandchildren and confessed her sins.


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