Macaulay Culkin Is A Massive Fan Of Wrestling — His Dream Job Was To Write For WWE

Macaulay Culkin is most remembered for playing Kevin McAllister, the adorable but mischievous little kid from the “Home Alone” movies from the 1990s. Even though he grew up and continued to perform as an actor, although in more niche and alternative roles, his reputation as the “Home Alone” boy has never really faded.

Culkin starred in the first “Home Alone” film, which was released in 1990, when he was only ten years old. The Christmas comedy film was a great hit, collecting $476.7 million dollars worldwide, making it the highest-grossing live-action comedy of all time until it was surpassed by “The Hangover” in 2011.

The actor’s deep ties to the franchise are something he’ll never be able to shake, and he’s even played up to it on several occasions. In 2018, he appeared in a Google commercial in which he returned to the house from “Home Alone” as an adult. A montage similar to the film played out in it, in which he has the house to himself and reenacts many of Kevin’s childhood activities. Shaving, bouncing on the bed, watching the same detective movie he watched in “Home Alone,” ordering pizza, and other activities were incorporated, as well as modern conveniences like digital payments and digital assistants.

Given the franchise’s enduring appeal, it’s no wonder that Culkin acquired a sizable fortune from the films, despite the fact that he was only a child at the time of filming.

Many people may be surprised to learn that Culkin’s childhood ideal career was not only acting, but also writing for one of his hobbies: wresting!

Culkin, a child star in Hollywood, was known for his cute appearance and appeared in 15 films in just seven years. He appeared in other popular films of the time, including “My Girl,” “Richie Rich,” and the dark drama “The Good Son,” in addition to the “Home Alone” trilogy.

By 1993, the youngster had established himself as one of Hollywood’s highest-paid child actors. His dissatisfaction with his Hollywood lifestyle and the greater attention he received developed as his reputation grew. His relationship with his parents was also strained as a result of it. Culkin used their breakup in 1994 as an opportunity to stop acting and seek a regular adolescent life. He went to a Manhattan private school and turned down several acting roles.

During his parents’ custody dispute, however, it was revealed how much money Culkin had made throughout his career. In 1996, it was discovered that the kid celebrity was worth roughly $50 million, despite the fact that he had no idea how much he’d made because his father handled the financial side of things. He recalled how his mother couldn’t pay the rent because she spent all of her money on lawyer’s bills, while he had millions in the bank that he couldn’t touch because his money was attached to his parents’ names. Years later, he told New York Magazine:

“Our flat was ready to be evicted from us. The only way I could receive that money was to remove my father’s name from the account, but I didn’t want to make a mess, so I decided to remove both of their names.”

Culkin’s tumultuous relationship with his father came to an end with that. On the last day of the trial, his father failed to appear, and the actor hasn’t seen or spoken to him since.

Culkin later returned to show business after spending his adolescence out of the spotlight — though he was constantly plagued by tabloid reports during this time. He moved on to explore other passion projects, like forming a rock band, and returned to acting in the early 2000s, but he’s kept a low profile since then, preferring independent films to major commercial ones.

According to Metro UK, Culkin has interests outside of acting. Culkin claimed his dream job was to write for Vince McMahon’s organization, WWE, in an interview with Freddie Prinze Jr. on his podcast Wrestling With Freddie.

“There were times when I just wanted to, like, find six months of my life at the very least just to sorta go in there and things,” Culkin remarked. He went on to say,

“I’ll admit that I’m kicking myself for not [writing for WWE]—now that I’m a father, I barely have time to urinate, you know what I mean? I simply never got around to it since there was always something else to do.”

Culkin and Brenda Song are currently engaged, according to a PEOPLE Magazine exclusive published in January 2022. Song, 33, was also spotted wearing an engagement ring in Beverly Hills earlier this month, according to the magazine.

Dakota, the couple’s first child, was born to them nine months ago.

The couple started dating in 2017, and their relationship appears to be stable and affectionate. Song and Culkin welcomed their first child on Monday, April 5, at 1:10 p.m. in Los Angeles, California, according to Esquire.

With the addition of their own kid, the couple chose to expand their pre-existing family, which included a few fish, a blue-headed parrot, a Shiba Inu, and their three cats. Dakota Song Culkin, their kid, was born healthy and weighed 6 pounds, 14 ounces. Culkin and Song chose the name Dakota for their kid after Culkin’s late sister, who died in 2008. “We’re ecstatic,” Song and Culkin said in an interview with Esquire after the delivery.

Song praised her co-star Culkin in a prior interview with Esquire. She stated, ”

“You can’t be unhappy when he’s around.”

Culkin stressed the quality relationship he and Brenda had from the outset, according to Esquire writer Ryan D’Agostino.

In regards to his relationship with Song, the “Home Alone” star said:

“I was expecting the other shoe to drop,” Culkin admitted, but then realized, “No—just it’s good sometimes.”

They met on the set of Culkin’s buddy Seth Green’s film “Changeland” in Thailand, where they were both shooting. They became acquainted and finally moved in together. Culkin even painted a “yellow brick path” leading to the couple’s front door, according to Esquire, and Song bakes bread. We congratulate them on their new child and engagement, as they appear to have a sincere and pure love.


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