Simon Rolls Eyes When Girl Says She’ll Perform Aretha Hit Only To Have Everyone On Their Feet Right Away

Except for Aretha Franklin, very few people can sing an Aretha Franklin song. Some of the top vocalists in the world are among them. This is why Simon Cowell was not pleased when Destiny Chukunyere of Malta chose Aretha Franklin’s “Think” as her audition song for the 2017 season of “Britain’s Got Talent.” This was going to be a difficult challenge for her to do at the age of 14.

Because of the beat, lyrics, and range of notes, this song is extremely difficult to understand. This is one of the most difficult songs ever written. Destiny, on the other hand, was not backing down. She was up for the challenge and ready to prove to everyone that she was serious about her singing career.

It didn’t take long after she finished the song to notice how the audience reacted to her performance. The audience, as well as all of the judges, rose to their feet and gave a standing ovation.

Simon offered nothing but appreciation for her and no unpleasant comments for her. He even went so far as to say that he had been waiting a long time to see someone who he believed could be a star, and that he had waited a long time to see someone who he thought could be a star. And how he had finally found that person.

It’s no surprise that her audition was accepted by all four judges. With nothing but smiles on her face, Destiny gratefully accepted her promotion to the next level.

Destiny is a gifted young lady. It takes a certain kind of person to pull off this Aretha Franklin song as she did. Her music career is really taking off for her. It will be thrilling to see how far she progresses. Check out the video to see this outstanding performance. It’s not anything you’ll want to miss out on.


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