Simon Kisses Darci Lynne’s Puppet Edna After She Serenades Him On ‘The Champions’

Puppets have always been popular in America. Take a look at how legendary the Muppets have become over the years to see how true this is. Perhaps it’s the frivolity, or the fact that they can be so relatable because they appear so human, but puppets clearly hold a special place in our hearts.

Darci Lynne Farmer, a teenage puppeteer, ventriloquist, and vocalist, has embodied similar thoughts in a video from the 2019 America’s Got Talent: The Champions competition with her “Edna” puppet. This performance exemplifies Farmer’s talent as well as the joy and laughter that her puppet act offers to audiences throughout the world.

Few television shows have reached the level of acclaim and popularity that America’s Got Talent has. This talent show has since grown into a global phenomenon, with several countries hosting their own versions. Many brilliant people have been discovered over the years as a result of these presentations displaying them. Susan Boyle is an example of a singer who became famous and wealthy as a result of her appearance on Britain’s Got Talent.

In 2019, the show decided to boost the ante with America’s Got Talent: The Champions, a spin-off. The concept was to bring together a group of 50 of the most memorable competition winners from around the world and have them compete against one another. Darci Lynne Farmer, 14, and her puppet “Edna,” the season twelve champions of the original program, were among those who returned.

Darci Lynne Farmer’s puppet performance was a crowd favorite, but this was a difficult battle. With 50 of the world’s most gifted winners, difficult judgments had to be made, and many outstanding performances would miss out. Susan Boyle, the icon, was of course invited back, albeit she did not collect the trophy in the end, much to the surprise of many spectators and fans. Early in the competition, Darci Lynn Farmer and Edna were voted off, but were spared by a “wild card” who gave her a reprieve and enabled her to continue.

Farmer knew she’d have to keep impressing the judges and audience if she wanted to make it to the finals and get her second shot. “Getting the wildcard and being here—I want this to be the best comeback ever,” Farmer expressed his excitement at the possibility.

Farmer set his sights on the finals with that approach. And it appeared that she was well on her way to victory at first. According to USA Today, several of the judges were in her favor after her first performance following her wild card win:

“This is your most impressive performance to date. I believe you have a good chance of winning tonight “Simon Cowell stated the following. Howie Mandel said, “I think you have a shot at this tonight.”

Unfortunately, it was not to be. Farmer was defeated by magician Shin Lim in the Grand Finale.

Simon Cowell has earned the reputation of being the grump that America despises. His candid, direct, and occasionally nasty comments regarding contestants’ performances on shows he has judged have earned him equal amounts of fame and notoriety. Most 14-year-olds would be terrified to perform in front of such a powerful figure, but Farmer loved the opportunity.

Edna, her puppet, had a crush on Cowell as part of her act. Edna bemoaned the fact that Simon never phoned her, despite the fact that she adored him, to Farmer and Rowlf, the Muppets’ dog. You can see the audience laughing at Edna’s lovesick declarations as you watch the film.

Farmer is able to display her excellent vocals through “Edna” with a fantastic performance of the Carpenters’ song “Can’t Smile Without You,” as a result of this outpouring of passion. At the conclusion of the song, an ecstatic Cowell made his way onto the stage to kiss “Edna” and tell her that he loved her and that he should have called her sooner. “Edna” reacted like any other puppet in love would: she professed her love and then passed out.

While Famer only came in second place, this video demonstrates her full potential. When she won her first appearance on America’s Got Talent at the age of 12, her most ardent supporters already recognized she has all the qualities required for greatness. Farmer’s reappearance in 2019 wasn’t the last time she appeared on the show. She appeared as a guest during the current season in August 2020. Her attendance was a last-minute replacement for the original artist, who was unable to perform due to illness. Judge Simon Cowell sustained a major back injury after a bike accident at his Malibu home, and this wasn’t the only setback for 2020’s season.

Doctors in 2020 claimed that the injury was terrible but that Cowell was incredibly lucky after he underwent a series of operations and fusions, as well as having a metal rod implanted in his back. Cowell responded to the tragedy on Twitter, offering some insightful counsel at his own expense, writing:

“Some helpful hints…

Before you ride an electric trail bike for the first time, read the owner’s manual. I’ve broken a section of my back. Thank you everybody for your thoughtful messages.”

He ended the post by thanking the medical personnel who had been caring for him and urging everyone to keep safe.

Cowell, thankfully, recovered well over the following months, relaxing and taking it easy. Due to his ongoing recovery, he was unable to participate in Britain’s Got Talent, the British version of the show.

Despite the fact that Farmer did not win AGT: The Champions, this video demonstrates that she knows how to work with an audience and has a long career in entertainment ahead of her. We wish her the best of luck and hope that she and her puppets will be able to keep people entertained for a long time!


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