This Couple Adopts A Chinese Girl—Then, They Meet Another Child In The Neighborhood And Feel A Connection

Although coincidences are exceedingly common in our daily lives and are statistically unavoidable, there are some events that occur that are simply too unusual to be deemed a coincidence, and many people feel that this unlikely chain of events is the product of fate. If you are someone who does not believe in fate, this story may persuade you otherwise.

It’s only natural for a parent who wants to adopt a kid to go through a series of procedures before being approved to care for a child. Some couples who wish to adopt a child from another nation may or may not know the identify of their future child before making the decision to adopt.

A majority of couples in the United States who are eligible to adopt prefer to adopt children from countries other than their own. Many of them opt to foster and care for children from China, a country recognized for housing a huge number of orphaned and abandoned children.

A couple from Weldon Spring wanted to adopt a child from China.

After having three biological kids together, Staci and James Maneage chose to adopt a child. A couple from Weldon Spring, Missouri, heard of a Chinese orphan who needed a forever home. Elliana was her name.

The Maneages wanted to adopt a daughter because they already had three males.

Elliana, who was ten years old at the time, was diagnosed with a health problem involving brain problems. Because of this, many prospective adoptive families have declined to accept the child, which made Staci and James want to help her even more, so they decided to adopt her.

When they learned about Elliana’s predicament, they decided she should become a member of their family.

Elliana was quickly adopted and moved to Weldon Springs, Missouri, where she was welcomed into the Maneage family.

Staci and James were unaware that another family in the neighborhood had made the same decision to adopt a child from China as they had. Kinley was the name of the other foster child.

Kinley, who was seven years old at the time, had the same brain abnormality as Elliana.

Both families live in the same neighborhood and frequently attend the same church. Elliana and Kinley became friends after bumping into one other a few times. Despite the fact that they were adopted from various parts of China, they have a lot in common, including their facial traits.

They grew to be so close that it was almost as if they were sisters.

Furthermore, Elliana and Kinley had formed such a strong bond that many people mistook them for siblings. This piqued the interest of both sets of parents.

The DNA of their adoptive daughter was submitted in for testing by both sets of parents.

After that, the families decided to take a sample of their daughter’s DNA and send it for testing. They weren’t expecting much because the two girls hailed from separate sections of a country with over a billion inhabitants, making it nearly impossible for them to be biological siblings.

Both sets of parents, however, looked at each other with their mouths to the floor when they learned the results. These two girls were verified to be sisters based on the results. Their DNA shared 99.9% of the same sequence.

When the results revealed that the two girls were biological siblings, they were speechless.

It appeared as though providence had arranged for these two long-lost siblings to be reunited in a whole different country. Furthermore, they were adopted by families who lived close to one another and attended the same church, so they would run into each other on a frequent basis. What began as a friendship grew into a relationship between two biological sisters.

Before they received the test results, Elliana and Kinley were already as close as siblings.

These are the moments and circumstances that lead one to believe in a higher power. Whatever you choose to call it: divine intervention, fate, or destiny, you have to admit that this is very extraordinary.

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