‘We’re ‘Uk’s Youngest Grandparents’ Aged Just 33 And 35 – People Think Baby’s Our Child’

Strangers frequently mistake the baby girl for their child, according to a couple in their early thirties who have become two of Britain’s youngest grandparents.

Jenni Medlam, 34, and her husband Richard, 35, were overjoyed when their daughter Charmaine informed them of the birth of their daughter Isla-May in June.

Jenni was resolved to support her child when she became pregnant at the age of 16, having given birth to Charmaine herself when she was 17 years old.

Strangers got the “shock of their lives” when the couple from Hull takes Isla-May for a walk, according to the new grandmother.

Jenni and Richard's daughter Charmaine with baby Isla-May, whom she had when she was 16 Jenni, now 34, says strangers get the 'shock of their life' after assuming the couple are the tot's parents

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“Everyone simply assumes she’s mine and Richard’s daughter when we’re out with Isla,” she explains.

“When we tell them we are grandparents, they are very taken aback.

“Most people don’t believe us when we tell them,” she says, “but I can see why they might assume we’re her parents because we’re still in our thirties.”

Jenni, who was 33 at the time Isla-May was born, says that when Charmaine initially told her parents she was pregnant, they were “very astonished.”

However, she now claims that they are both enjoying their new positions after coming to terms with the news.

She introduces herself as Nanna and Richard as G’pa. “Being young grandparents just means you have more time to appreciate and cherish your grandchildren.

“Perhaps we’ll even have great-grandchildren.”

The whole family live under one roof with their newest arrival Richard Medlam with grandaughter Isla-May

Jenni, who also has two more kids, Chelsey, 13, and Scarlett, 10, didn’t have a support network after becoming a teenage mother herself, and she felt quite isolated.

Jenni didn’t want her daughter to go through what she did, so she promised to help her.

She recalls, “I understood just how Charmaine would feel having to inform her mother she was pregnant.”

“However, I informed her that it was her body and her choice, and that I would support her in either case.”

“And becoming pregnant has truly helped Charmaine mature; Isla has been the catalyst for her growth.”

“She is a fantastic mother, and I believe that has strengthened the link between Charmaine and myself.”

“As her mother, I believe she has even more regard for me.”

Charmaine has been with her baby’s father for nearly two years, according to Jenni, and their entire family lives together.

To “give Charmaine a rest,” the caring grandparents take after tiny Isla on a regular basis.

“I believe it has brought us all closer together,” she continues. “My other girls are ecstatic to have a baby in the house; they’re ecstatic to have a niece.”

Jenni, who owns a cleaning company, believes that teenage mothers are stereotyped, but she also believes that having a child does not mean your life is finished.

She claims that despite being a teen mother, she was able to work, raise her daughter, and even create her own business.

“Charmaine has seen me go to work and earn well for myself while raising her,” she continues, “so she understands it’s doable.”

“She wants to study beauty in college. There is a stereotype about young mothers that I do not believe is accurate.

“Even if you have a baby when you’re young, you can still enjoy your life and achieve whatever you want.

“I’m delighted I was able to demonstrate to my kid that everything can still work out.”


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