Her Bf is Requested by Her Mom to Pay $47,000 to Marry Her. He Can’t Afford and Wants to Break up. His Gf Begs, “Do not leave me!”

Marriage is a significant event in everyone’s life, but before we are ready to take the plunge, we must first ask our parents for permission. In Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, a couple was recently witnessed crying in a parking lot.

They feared they would have to break up because the boy’s family could not accept on the marriage proposal. The mom sobbed and pleaded with the boy not to leave, believing that the two could still work through their problems together. The man claimed that he was powerless and that the two couldn’t be together any longer.

This couple’s breakup is an extremely sad scene. The young woman was crying and clutching her boyfriend, pleading with him not to abandon her. “Don’t leave me!” and “Please don’t leave, can your family figure out a way out of this?” she yelled constantly. Her fiancé and she had reached the point of contemplating marriage, but her parents told that if they wanted to marry, the man would have to pay a dowry of US $46,850.00 (about 300,000 Chinese yuan) before they would agree to their daughter’s marriage.

The couple relocated to Shenzhen in search of work. They had been in love for over two years, but due to the dismal economy, they had no savings, no car, and no home. The woman’s parents opposed the couple’s marriage and demanded that the guy pay the bride price of US $46,850.00, but the man’s family couldn’t afford it, so they had no alternative but to divorce.

The woman does not want to stop her relationship with her lover, but she also does not want to defy her parents’ desires.

She asks her partner to re-discuss the situation with her family, or she simply borrows money to get by. Because of his parents’ personal problems, the youngster stated that he did not want to bother them. “Please let me leave, my folks are already suffering,” he sobbed as he unwillingly broke up with her.


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