Married for 12 Years and with 11 Children, a Young Couple is Expecting Baby Number 12

In a typical family, a couple prefers to have only two or three children. Some people prefer a larger family of 6 to 8 children. Though there is a family in the United States where the mother of 11 children simply cannot stop being pregnant.

Courtney Rogers, 37, is a Mexican woman who has been married to her husband for 12 years. They have 11 children and will soon welcome their 12th. Courtney enjoys being pregnant and has an interesting purpose for having a kid every year, according to her.

She is the polar opposite of women who want their lives to return to normal after having a child. Courtney gets an uncontrollable sense of fulfillment from giving birth to a baby every year.

The mother of 11 has her hands full as a busy homemaker who looks after all of her children, according to The Sun. She and her husband, Chris Rogers, adore becoming parents and are proud of every member of their growing family.

The Rogers children’s names all begin with the letter ‘C,’ which is an unusual fact.

Courtney and Chris have six sons and five girls between them. They want a daughter for their 12th child in order to have an even number of sons and daughters in their family. They are grateful to have been given such gorgeous children and relish the opportunity to spend every moment with them.

Chris Rogers is a pastor and the family’s main earner.

Most families live in three-bedroom flats, but the Rogers family is expanding, and the couple is seeking for a larger home to accommodate everyone.

On her social media profiles, Courtney Rogers is delighted to share photographs and tales about her family and lifestyle.

Unfortunately, most people do not feel the same way about pregnancy and children. She gets slammed and cruel comments on her posts for a variety of reasons.


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