A Woman Left Her Studies and Raises Koi Fish to Pay Her Bankrupt Father’s Debt; Now, She Has Become a Successful Koi Fish Farmer

Life is a long journey with many twists and turns. We may confront challenges in life, and those challenges will almost always lead to a better existence. All we have to do now is think clearly and make the proper decisions.

This is the tale of Taiwan’s ‘Queen of Koi Fish.’ She put her future on the line to pay off her father’s massive debt, dropping out of college to grow fish. A single koi fish can now be purchased for $2,302,550.00 USD.

Zhong Yingying was born into a wealthy Taiwanese family with a net worth of over $17 million dollars. Her family has a fish farming and agribusiness business. She has had a good existence since she was a child.

There were more than a dozen maids, and a Rolls Royce was parked in her garage… Her father, however, failed to invest when she was 26 and left a debt of $7,050,800.00. Creditors collect their debts on a daily basis. The family owned only 3 hectares of fish and koi ponds.

To pay off her father’s debt, she had no alternative but to abandon her studies at Tsinghua University and continue the family company.

The former princess dressed up as a frog and packed fishing equipment, soaked in the fish pond regardless of the weather, and only slept for four hours a day.

Finally, she was able to produce high-quality koi, with the most valuable ones fetching exorbitant sums! Her koi were sold in European and American markets, she paid off her father’s debt, and she and her family lived happily ever after. In Taiwan, she is currently known as the “Queen of Koi Fish.”

Zhong Yingying had never been concerned about her safety before. But when I turned 26 years old, everything changed. She was pursuing a master’s degree at the Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts at the time.

She went shopping at a posh mall one weekend, like she did every weekend. “Your card can no longer be used!” her mother said as she called her mother.

It turned out that her father’s failure to engage in the real estate industry had led to the family’s bankruptcy. Her father not only lost all he owned, but he also owed $7,051,000.00 in debt! The family’s only possessions are a 3-hectare fish pond and koi fish.

Life went from heaven to hell in the blink of an eye. After some consideration, Zhong Yingying chose to discontinue her studies and return home to assist her family. Her parents were adamantly opposed.

“No! Painting and dance are the only things you comprehend. “If you drop out of school, we’ll lose our final hope!” her father exclaimed.

But Zhong Yingying stood firm in her convictions, saying, with tears in her eyes, “Now is the most crucial time to discover a way to create money.” I won’t be comfortable for the rest of my life if you guys worked tirelessly while I studied lazily.”

She dropped out of school and returned to her hometown. She tried for jobs everywhere to aid her family, but to no avail.

She was forced to work as a private tutor in the end. However, money could only cover her expenditures momentarily, and her family issues remained a concern.

The family’s only hope is a koi pond, where the koi fish can be sold for millions, if not billions, if properly cared for.

Because they couldn’t afford to pay the workers, her parents would go to the fish pond to catch fish, often spending hours searching for fish in extremely cold water.

Zhong Yingying decided to help her father farm koi after seeing her family’s hard work.

Koi farming is a physically demanding hobby that requires you to transport tens of kg of fish feed. Furthermore, Zhong Yingying has had a fear of swimming since she was a child, and her skin is sensitive to ultraviolet light.

Zhong Yingying, on the other hand, had no choice. Her family is in debt to the tune of millions of dollars. Her granddad had to work all hours of the day and night. She chose to be in control as the family’s eldest daughter.

As a result, the princess, who had been wearing a lovely gown, donned a ponytail and a waterproof suit. She started a part-time job and began spending her days in the fish pond.

She had to get up early and sleep late for the previous three years, feed the fish, manage water quality, disease control… all by herself.

Her once-smooth white complexion had become browned, and her hands were terribly damaged. Due to the stress, she does not appear to be in her twenties but rather in her forties.

However, she goes from knowing nothing about fish to memorizing hundreds of koi species and features, and she is capable of raising koi herself.

Family life, on the other hand, is not much better, and many of the koi that were kept were sold, but not for a lot of money.

After some consideration, Zhong Yingying enlisted the services of a friend to conduct market research. She didn’t realize it until then that she was selling koi for hundreds of thousands of dollars, but that it might fetch tens of millions in Europe!

These are, of course, an uncommon breed, as Europeans are well-versed in the art and have a strong demand for high-quality koi.

As a result, Zhong Yingying changed her strategy and chose to produce koi fish to be processed into pieces of art, as well as turn agricultural products into works of art, in order to sell them at a greater price.

She spent a week convincing her father to help her gather funds to purchase several rare breeds.

Since then, Zhong Yingying has spent every summer and winter soaking in the fish pond.

She eventually succeeded in raising high-quality koi. She felt confident in her ability to travel to Germany with her koi and participate in the exhibition.

Unexpectedly, tragedy hit her when, shortly after landing in Germany, an old customer from Taiwan learned that she was attending the exhibition and offered to assist her in transporting her fish to the exhibition site because he, too, would be attending.

She accepted because she noticed the customer was honest and had a lot of money. The customer unexpectedly cheated on the koi fish.

Zhong Yingying returned to the small hotel where she was staying, believing that the exhibition would open in a few days but that she had been duped, thinking about her credit card and the money she had borrowed to come to Germany, work hard for several years, and finally be able to live a good life, but that hope had been dashed.

The more she thought about it, the sadder she grew, and she couldn’t help but cry. She complained to a friend, who listened calmly and said, “Now is the time to find a solution to this problem.”

Zhong Yingying finally calmed down after that. She pondered how to deal with the situation now that something had occurred.

“Isn’t it true that the fish aren’t required to participate in the exhibition?” she reassured herself. Wouldn’t they be willing to purchase my fish even if they couldn’t see it?”

As a result, she employed her artistic abilities to transform her display booth into an oriental style in a matter of hours.

She stayed up late the night before to finish decorating her station.

She wore a cheongsam dress on the day of the exhibition and sat in the exhibition area, making and drinking tea with a serene expression, despite the fact that there were no fish in the exhibition booth.

The exhibitors were taken aback and came over to inquire about the fish. “You are late, and the fish has been purchased,” Zhong Yingying said quietly.

Not only that, but she also directed clients who had lied to her to the business, claiming they had purchased it.

As a result, word spread across the exhibition area that a girl from Taiwan had sold all of her fish in an instant!

Customers came to her station in droves. They praised the koi and placed a purchase after reading the details.

As a result, Zhong Yingying received a lot of orders, and her koi became increasingly well-known.

“The Dutch’s self-produced koi can reach grade A,” stated Mr. Grothees of the Netherlands, “and Zhong Yingying’s koi standard has reached 3A.”

Its popularity has grown, and many clients have placed orders for her koi. Europe and other countries around the world are included in the orders.

Her business was growing, and she was becoming more well-known. She has received 11 industry accolades, including four championships, and is recognized as the “Queen of Koi Fish.”

Zhong Yingying spent 9 years raising the “Red and White” king of Koi, which sold for US $2,300,550.00 in October 2018 at the Japanese Sakai Koi Auction.

“Whether a person is a hero or a loser is defined by his deeds, and how he behaves is determined by his heart,” as one wise man put it.

A strong heart permits one to recognize hope in the midst of misery. In the face of hope, pessimism will simply sap your vitality and limit your chances.

Unlike Zhong Yingying, you can choose to cry, run away, or refuse in the face of misfortune.

The inevitable outcome of avoidance is failure, which is manifested in the effort to resist. There is yet a chance for victory.

It’s up to you to decide how you want to spend the rest of your life. It is entirely up to you whether you succeed or fail.


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