Priest from Philippines, Goes Viral For Humorous Homily to the Wedding Ceremony of His Ex-Girlfriend

On a live broadcast, a Filipino priest celebrated a wedding and revealed that the bride was his ex-girlfriend. This produced a stir among those present, as well as an uncomfortable feeling between the couple and the priest. When the amusing video was published on social media, it received over 10,000 views and went viral almost immediately.

According to ABS-CBN News, the footage showed Fr. Roniel Sulit seeming apprehensive as he prepared to conduct the wedding, breaking out in a sweat and wiping his hands constantly as soon as he stepped upon the platform.

“You should see how nervously I’m sweating.” According to Fr. Sulit. “I’ve hosted weddings for a lot of couples, but today is different since Korina, the bride, is my ex-girlfriend.”

He humorously asked Korina before the wedding ceremony if she was apprehensive about what would finally happen and what he would say at the wedding proper, to loud applause and laughing.

“This is humiliating; we’re broadcasting live on social media.” But I’m not going to stop the wedding; it’s something that only happens in movies.”

“You may notice in the monitor that Korina is also apprehensive, not because of her wedding, but because of what I might say today,” Fr. Sulit taunted Korina during the Homily. She’s also worried about whether or not I’ll show up.”

Korina went to the church where Fr. Sulit lives and asked him to perform her wedding when she decided to marry her current boyfriend, Manuel. Without hesitation, he agreed.

“Korina has been ministering in the church for a very long time now, in fact, this is where we met,” Fr. Sulit remarked in the video. But that was a long time ago, as she is now married to Manuel. Isn’t it true, Korina, that the past is gone? We’ve moved on with our lives; I’m a priest, and you’re getting married. I inquired if she was happy, and she responded yes, she was extremely happy. Manuel, she claimed, was brought into her life by God.”

Fr. Sulit conveyed his warmest wishes to the newlyweds before handing over the wedding ceremony to the main officiating priest, and then joked, “I hope you have a nice and lovely life together.” Marriage, they say, is a partnership between three individuals, one of whom is not me, but God. In your marriage, God will be with you.”

On YouTube, Father Sulit has 124,000 subscribers. He is well-known for exposing the details of his daily life as a parish priest. He also posted a video about his accidental encounter with Korina, his ex-girlfriend.


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