Despite 48-year Age Gap And 6800 Miles Away, This British-Filipino Couple Is Still Going Strong

A 48-year age difference between a Filipino lady and a British guy is not exactly a traditional love story, and many people refer to Lorie as a “mail-order bride,” but she has a narrative to tell that few people are aware of.

Lorie, a 23-year-old Filipino, met 71-year-old British Thomas on Facebook in 2014. Thomas was drawn to Lorie’s profile, and their story began.

Thomas fell in love with Lorie at first sight. When Lorie first met Thomas, though, she was taken away by his age.

Nonetheless, as they got to know each other better, Lorie’s heart was won by his personality.

They planned to have their first date in the Philippines on Lorie’s birthday that same year. That was the start of their true love tale.

Despite their 48-year age difference, Lorie and Thomas were both committed to their relationship.

They married in January 2015 and welcomed their first child together in June 2016.

Lorie and Thomas are currently engaged in a long-distance relationship, with their daughter Mary residing with Lorie in the Philippines.

Throughout the year, though, Thomas makes time to fly to the Philippines to see his wife and daughter.

Thomas usually spends five months in the nation with Lorie and Mary before returning to the United States.

They have their ups and downs, and being so far apart doesn’t help matters, but they constantly reassure each other and remain happily married.

Nonetheless, even when he is far away, he makes it a point to keep in touch with them via Skype.

While their families are supportive of their relationship, Lorie says she frequently receives negative comments from outsiders because of their odd love story and large age gap.

Some have even accused her of being a “mail-order bride,” although Lorie has categorically refuted this.

It was only fate that the two of them met on Facebook, according to Lorie.

Despite their age difference, Lorie feels that trust and loyalty are the foundations of a long-lasting relationship, thus they frequently communicate via Skype and keep in touch on a daily basis.


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