This 7-Year-Old From Houston, Texas Has Used His Birthday Money To Help The Homeless On Thanksgiving

After donating his birthday money to aid the needy around Thanksgiving, a kind-hearted 7-year-old child from Houston, Texas, made local headlines.

Dylan Virtudazo, a city resident, had his birthday celebration canceled owing to the epidemic and instead received $1,000. He was given money that he was told he could use whatever he pleased. Instead of purchasing the latest video game or a large quantity of sweets, he realized that there were those who needed it more, and with a little support from instructors, he was able to provide storm safety items to 50 homeless individuals.

Face masks, hand sanitizer, bar soap, razors, water, lotion, a snack, and a letter that reads, “You matter, God Bless!” are included in the “blessings bags.”

On Thanksgiving, Dylan and his family went to the homeless shelter to distribute the bags. Those who received them were stated to be overwhelmed with gratitude.

Dylan expressed his gratitude for the gesture by saying:

“I simply wanted to assist a large number of individuals. I’ve recently noticed homeless folks on the street, which makes me sad since I’m curious as to what occurred. All 50 bags were [given away]. We wished we could have brought a lot more.”

Dylan’s mother claims that he has always been kind-hearted, saying that he always makes sure to share his candies with his brothers and that if he sees a homeless person on the street, he would always give them coins.

Houston does, in fact, have a significant homeless problem. At any one moment, it is estimated that 4,000 individuals are homeless in the city, with the majority of them having become homeless as a result of the economic downturn.

During the epidemic, homeless persons were particularly susceptible since they were unable to’stay at home’ or avoid the locations where they had to congregate to acquire food. Many homeless shelters are just too small to maintain social separation, and individuals who beg for money on the streets have lost money as a result of the substantial drop in street traffic.


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