Old Millionaire Leaves $5.3M Mansion, Neither His Daughter nor Wife Inherits It

After his death, an elderly millionaire leaves behind a massive $5.3 million house, but neither his wife nor his daughter inherit it.

“Will you be able to come later today, William? Will you be able to come later today, William?” Samuel, 89, called his lawyer, William Banks, and inquired.

“Mr. Brown, I’m sure I can help you. Are you certain about the will, though? I recommend that you reconsider your decision.”

“William, I’m as sure of it as I am of who will be the future heir to all of my possessions. I hope to meet you again soon. Is it feasible that you might set aside some time today for me? I’m not going to squander any more of my time.”

“Mr. Brown, that’s OK. I’ll be present. And don’t be concerned. I’ll bring all of the necessary documentation “Mr. Banks answered the phone and then hung up.

Samuel Brown left his $5.3 million mansion to a stranger | Photo: Shutterstock

It was 60 years ago…

Samuel Brown has all a person could desire in life. He had a steady profession as a famous designer, good health, and the love of his life, Olivia, who was about to become even more prominent when he learned she was pregnant and he’d be a father soon.

However, all of his ambitions were destroyed one fatal day when he received a call on his way home from work informing him that his pregnant wife had perished in a horrible fire that had devoured their home.

Samuel went to the hospital where Olivia had been admitted, worried, only to learn that the pale, dead, and virtually charred body in the mortuary belonged to her. He couldn’t cope with the loss of his beloved Olivia and spent days in bed, unwilling to understand that she was no longer with him.

After a few days of gradual recovery, he decided to prepare the funeral and bid her farewell. However, as he glanced at the new pile of soil after everyone had departed, he could sense the blank, the emptiness.

Something about Samuel had changed after that day, and the guy who had before been pleasant and happy now appeared to be a robot, working nonstop for hours and hours. In fact, he quit his secure career and chose to devote his time to forming a new firm named after Olivia.

After ten years of hard work, his ambition came true when he founded Olivia Designs, and rowing millions became second nature. When he turned 60, he met a young designer called Samantha at his firm, and love entered his life once more.

She was just 25, but her hazel eyes and curling brown hair reminded him of Olivia when she was younger. Samuel fell in love with her in a moment, but Samantha regarded his feelings for her as a weakness in the older billionaire, and she utilized his money to enjoy her life to the utmost.

Samuel was clearly no idiot; he was well aware of everything, but he loved her so deeply that he blinded himself to a number of things, including her betrayal.

Samuel felt like he was the happiest person in the earth when Samantha got pregnant. However, he discovered the child wasn’t his after it was born. The kid bore no resemblance to him or Samantha, and a covert DNA test he performed on the child verified his fears.

But he never informed Samantha about it, instead lavishing her with his affection and embracing her as his own. The man had no idea he was about to make the worst mistake of his life.

Now is the time…

Samuel hung up the phone and went straight to the phone’s gallery, where he began browsing through his and Olivia’s photos. In contrast to his life since he became sick and required someone to care after him, they seemed pleasant and cheerful.

Samantha and her daughter traveled to a vacation location in Florida as soon as they learnt of Samuel’s sickness, where they stayed in lavish hotels and enjoyed their lives, escaping the sorrow of caring for an elderly man.

During this period, Samuel’s only source of support and aid was his housekeeper, Emma, who looked after him relentlessly, making many rounds of medical shops, accompanying him to appointments, and racing to his room on a single call to guarantee she was accessible anytime her employer needed help.

For seven years, things remained the same. Emma was a single mother whose husband had abandoned her and her kid due to his unwillingness to care for them. She’d been hunting for work since then, but no one had offered her a job except Samuel, who not only hired her but also provided her with a little outhouse where she could dwell with her son, Brain.

Emma has never had high expectations in life. She only wanted to make enough money to provide a decent life for her kid, and that didn’t appear to be an issue since she started working for Samuel. Unfortunately, Brian was the only one who had troubles, and that was after Emma died in a car accident on her way home from the market after buying some medicines for Samuel.

Brian, who was just four years old at the time, became an orphan in an instant, and his entire world crumbled around him. When Samuel saw Mr. Banks later that evening, he resolved to prepare his will in order to return Emma’s kindness.

He left Brian his $5.3 million house and the rest of his wealth to charity, leaving little for his philanthropic wife and daughter.

Samantha traveled back to New York a week later when Samuel died, prepared a funeral for her husband, wept a few crocodile tears, pretended to be in sorrow, but when everyone had departed, she contacted Mr. Banks, overjoyed at the thought of inheriting Samuel’s riches.

“So, Mr. Banks, when do you think I’ll be able to meet with you to discuss Samuel’s will? My dear husband’s death was heartbreaking, but who can resist fate? Now that he’s gone, I’ll be responsible for the entire operation on my own. I’m hoping I’ll be able to do it.”

“Mrs. Brown, please accept my apologies, but I feel there is a mistake here. You were not mentioned in Mr. Brown’s will.”

“What? Isn’t it true that Samuel transferred his fortune and property into my name? I am, after all, his wife! Is that even possible? Oh, wait, did he leave everything to our daughter?”

“Regrettably, Mrs. Brown, this is also not the case. Your spouse left his million-dollar property to Brian Bernstein, the son of his housekeeper, and the remainder of his assets to charity.”

“What?!” Samantha couldn’t believe her ears when she heard what she was hearing!

“Oh, and now that you’ve contacted me, I’d like to inform you that you only have a few days to leave the mansion. I had intended to pay you a visit a few days later, anticipating you’d be heartbroken over your husband’s death, but based on your enthusiasm, I don’t believe that’s the case. You have one week following Mr. Brown’s death to depart his residence, according to his will. I’d encourage you to hurry since four days have already passed “Mr. Banks said goodbye and hung up the phone.

When Samantha hung up the phone, she couldn’t control her rage. She planned to sue the orphan youngster, but her efforts were in vain.

The lawyer who agreed to accept her case defrauded her and took all of her money. He’d assured her he’d win her case, but he couldn’t seem to obtain enough proof, claiming it was tough and that he needed more money to pay his sources.

She eventually lost the lawsuit, and she and her daughter were forced to become homeless and poor.


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