Marriage Ends In Three Minutes After Abusive Groom Calls Bride ‘Stupid’ at Wedding

When a Kuwaiti bride goes on a trip and her husband labels her “stupid,” the couple divorces in THREE MINUTES, causing his wife to get the marriage annulled right away.

A bride marched directly up to a local judge and sought the annual her wedding not even three minutes after exchanging vows, earning the title of “shortest marriage in history.” He got verbally abusive against her in front of their wedding guests, so she did this.

According to the Daily Mail, a woman in Kuwait recently married. She opted to end the marriage because she perceived his aggressive behavior as a foreshadowing of what was to come. According to Q8, a local news station in Kuwait, the marriage may be the shortest in the country’s history, with the ceremony concluding practically as soon as it began.

After her husband labeled her “dumb” for her carelessness, the bride was alleged to have been enraged.

They had just signed their marriage contract in front of a judge when the bride slipped on her way out, according to Q8 News.

After being mocked, the wife became enraged and requested that the court immediately annul their marriage.

They’d barely been married three minutes.

On social media, the event sparked a surge of compassion for the woman, with many users believing she was correct to terminate it.

‘It’s best to leave him if this is how he acts right at the start,’ one Twitter user said.

‘A marriage that lacks respect from the start is certain to fail,’ said another.


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