Student Stops To Help Collapsed Girl But It’s The Runner Behind Her Who Makes Headlines

Cross-country running is a tough sport to master. It needs runners to be in top physical condition and have Olympic-level endurance. Boston College’s Madeline Adams was consistently the best runner on the team. You won’t believe how she ended the 2017 Atlantic Coast Conference Women’s Cross Country Championship.

Despite the fact that track and field isn’t the most popular Division I sport in the NCAA, schools and institutions around the country regularly provide scholarships to the best runners in the country.

Boston College, a private institution that educates around 14,000 undergraduate and graduate students each year, is a Division I challenger in a number of sports. Cross country is one of these programs.

Madeline Adams of Boston College was a favorite to win the 2017 Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Women’s Cross Country Championship nearly two years ago. Madeline, as always, meticulously prepared for her upcoming activities.

This final showdown in the spring was no different from the rest of her tournaments. For the cross country race, she was well rested. Madeline had previously raced and practiced on the course, having spent many hours studying every nook and crevice.

Ms. Adams had made sure that her shoes were securely fastened so that she wouldn’t trip over them.

Madeline had tied her hair in a ponytail with two hair ties and a rubber band, just as she always did.

Although it may appear like Madeline Adams had a slow start, she actually had a fantastic start. She raced so well, in fact, that she was in first position for the entirety of the run.

Madeline described the event as “the race of [her] life” in a post-race interview with CBS News.

Madeline became dizzy, weary, and light-headed out of nowhere. Boston College’s best cross country athlete fainted only a few hundred meters from the finish line of the 2017 ACC Women’s Cross Country Championship.

Her legs did not collapse out from beneath her, despite the fact that she did not pass out. She stood up, only to fall back to the ground.

Runners past her on all sides. Madeline’s chance for triumph had passed her by.

Then, from Clemson University, Evie Tate wrapped her arm around Madeline, placed her arm around Madeline’s neck, and began carrying her to the finish line. Rachel Pease of Louisville University assisted Evie in carrying Madeline across the finish line in a movie-like appro

Madeline was able to complete the task with the help of her friends. It was the most memorable and heartwarming race of her life, she says.


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