‘I’m Blessed’ — Dialing Wrong Number Initiated Twenty Years Of Friendship For Two Strangers From Florida & Rhode Island

For decades, dialing the incorrect phone number has been a typical occurrence. A friendship formed between two strangers over a misdialed phone number is less common. Gladys Hankerson of Florida and Mike Moffitt of Rhode Island had the same thing 20 years ago. They’ve stayed in touch throughout the years and are still friends.

It all started when Hankerson was trying to contact her sister one day and dialed 401 instead of 410 as the area code. This sent her call all the way to Rhode Island, where it was answered by Moffitt. Hankerson realized she had phoned the incorrect number as soon as she heard a man’s voice.

Hankerson apologized, but continued to call twice the next day, once a week later, and once more the following month.

Moffitt questioned Hankerson who she was and who she was trying to contact once this started happening on a regular basis. She said that she was attempting to contact her sister, who resided in Florida, and the two of them struck up a casual discussion.

Then Moffitt began contacting Hankerson to see how he was doing, and the two became friends, calling each other on a daily basis and sharing information about their lives. Despite the fact that two decades had passed, the pals remained in touch. Moffitt and his family planned to take a Thanksgiving trip to Florida in 2021, and Moffitt realized it was time to meet Hankerson in person. Continue reading to find out more about this endearing connection.

Hankerson phoned Moffitt for the first time purely by accident. “Oh honey, I’ve got the incorrect number,” Moffitt said, “and hung up pretty soon.” “(She) did it a couple of times that day, then the following week, the same thing, maybe next month.”

Moffitt began to wonder who was on the other end of the telephone after receiving so many calls. “Finally, I simply grabbed it and yelled, ‘Wait, wait, wait, who are you, where are you from, what are you trying to accomplish?’ And that’s when we started chatting,” he explained.

Surprisingly, the two strangers clicked right away and created an easy relationship. “I told him, ‘I’m sorry, I was trying to call my sister,’ and he said, ‘This is Mike,’ and I told him my son had died, and he said I’m so sorry, and he talked real nice to me, and I talked real nice to him, and after that, I had his phone number, and I wrote it down on paper, and I always called him,” Hankerson said.

“During that moment, I was downhearted,” Hankerson continued, “and he sensed my sympathy and everything and boosted me up.” You know, he was really nice?”

Moffitt decided to surprise Hankerson at her home when he eventually arrived in Florida. Moffitt said, “I simply stepped in and said, ‘I’m Mike from Rhode Island,’ and she immediately threw her hands up and exclaimed, ‘I’m blessed.”

Hankerson was overjoyed by the surprise. “Oh, it had been such a wonderful day.” That Thanksgiving was the happiest of all time. Hankerson replied, “That made my day.” “I wish there were more people like them, you know?” That would be fantastic. People would be better, and the world would be better.”


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