Heartbroken Widower With 7 Children Left Sobbing After Stranger Hands Him $10,000

The Christmas season is a time for celebration and pleasure, but it can also be a time of deep grief for individuals who have experienced significant pain and loss. Because Christmas is associated with family time, most of us who have lost a loved one will be confronted with bittersweet memories; although we know there was a lot of love exchanged, the loss of it may be painful.

When a big family is left without a loved one while simultaneously struggling with financial difficulties, the loss may be much more agonizing. This was the case for one family that had been through a great deal of suffering and sorrow. Dakota Nelson of Ashton, Idaho, became a single parent with seven children after unexpectedly losing his wife in 2018.

Dakota was now responsible for all seven of his children on his own.

The children’s ages span from one to sixteen. Dakota has discovered that being a single parent is challenging, even with the support of his older children around the house and with the younger ones.

To make ends meet, he had to work three part-time jobs.

Even though the family is still grieving, they will have something to celebrate this Christmas. Nelson’s home was visited by East Idaho News, who presented him with a $10,000 check.

“Secret Santa requested that we bring him $1,000 in gift cards, $1,000 to another business, and a $8,000 check,” the news outlet’s Nate Eaton says in a video of the moment they stunned Nelson.

When Nelson saw all the zeros, his mouth fell. The father was overtaken with emotion and sobbed.

Dakota and his family benefited much from the money, and everyone was thrilled by the charity, especially Dakota, who was brought to tears. The Christmas spirit is one of joy, and stories like these teach us that compassion and giving can help us see the light even in the darkest of circumstances.

Dakota said he put the money to good use, according to East Idaho News. Because his family lacked a vehicle large enough to carry everyone, Nelson had to drive one automobile while his 16-year-old son drove another.


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