Cheerleader Holds up Sign Asking Stepdad to Adopt Her during a Performance

One brave youngster, standing tall and wearing her heart on her sleeve for all to see, begged her stepfather to adopt her. His response might either make her cry with joy or crush her completely.

Zane Crawford, MaKayla’s stepfather, had a birthday approaching. Zane had no idea what was in store for him on this particular day, despite the fact that he was sure to have a good time.

Zane has been this amazing teenager’s stepfather for about six years and has been a fantastic presence in her life from the beginning.

MaKayla holding a sign up while on top of a cheerleading pyramid [left]; Zane Crawford smiling while in the stands [right].┃Source:


MaKayla opted to legally call her mother’s husband, Brandy Crawford’s husband, her father after developing a great bond with him.

This is when she, the varsity team captain, and her mother, the assistant coach, decided to surprise him on his birthday with a cheer pyramid, the best way they knew how.

Cheerleaders, including MaKayla herself, were doing a routine during a sports event for the Bobcats, which also happened to be Zane’s birthday.

The Bobcats’ cheerleading team doing a routine.┃Source:


The group built the famous pyramid, with MaKayla on top, holding an unexpected homemade sign that read:

“I understand that this is an important day for you. Let’s take it over and make it ours. Will you take me in as your child?”

The stepfather, overcome with emotion, beamed warmly from the stands. He approached his jittery daughter and gave her a firm hug, indicating that he was on board with the adoption.

I’m not crying; it’s you who’s crying.

The sweet moment and gesture were captured on film and uploaded on Facebook, melting the hearts of the internet. Deborah Catt, a social media user, wrote:

“Any guy may be a father, but only a true man can be a DAD! Tears of joy!!!”

Many people complimented them and stated the video made them cry. With over 31 million views, slightly over 500 comments, and 150,000 responses, the post has gone viral.

Individuals’ comments on a Facebook post by People.┃Source:


The emotions of the father, his daughter, and the Facebook user were warm and welcoming, but not everyone is enthusiastic about adoption, especially specific types of adoption.

His bigoted instructor tormented a youngster who was delighted about being adopted by a gay couple. This teacher asked the students what they were grateful for in their life just before Thanksgiving.


She reprimanded the 11-year-old and told him his parents were sinful after he showed his gratitude for being adopted by two fathers. One of the fathers, enraged, vented his frustrations in an internet video.

Sadly, some fellow internet users agreed with the instructor, but the majority backed the posting, and the educator was promptly sacked.

Even if everything came up well, it’s still unfortunate that many people in our society handle these two very similar circumstances so differently.


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