Mom Asks If She Should Shave Her Baby’s Arms And Legs And People Are Shocked

According to his mother, the infant boy’s hair loss was caused by his taking medicine for congenital hyperinsulinism.

TikTok is buzzing with chatter of a hairy infant. Bri Shelby, also known as @blshelby, claims that her young boy began developing long, dark body hair across his chest, back, limbs, legs, and even his face! What went wrong? As a result of a life-threatening sickness that necessitated the use of medicines. Congenital Hyperinsulinism is an uncommon illness that affects just one out of every 50,000 infants. On July 14, the woman shocked the internet by showing off her son’s hair growth and asking TikTokers if she should shave his hair or not. She wrote, “Should we shave his legs and arms?” “Let us know what you think.”

The majority of people encouraged her to ignore her agitation. “No, it will be scratchy and painful when it grows back,” one user stated.

“Baby is good as is.” “I’d be worried to make things worse,” one person said, “but maybe consult the doctor.” “Please don’t shave a newborn!” says the narrator. What may be the source of the infection? Is there a beauty standard? Someone pleaded, “It’s only hair and normal.”

However, one commentator advised the mother to wax her youngster. In another video, she said, “You do not wax a newborn.” “He has an unusual disease, and in order to improve his condition, he had to take a medication that caused him to develop hair.”

Mateo Hernandez has an uncommon illness called Congenital Hyperinsulinism, which occurs when the pancreas’ insulin cells, known as beta cells, release too much insulin. People with the illness have dangerously low blood sugar levels as a result of this. Shelby, a police officer, told

The Daily Mail that she and her husband, Jared Hernandez, 22, placed their kid on medicine to treat the symptoms of the disorder. Fortunately, his health improved drastically after two weeks.

They did notice, though, that something had changed. “After a few weeks on the drug, his body began to change – he grew in size and began to develop a lot of hair on his head and torso. It began with his head and forehead, then expanded to his legs, limbs, and back, with the exception of his stomach. He was bald when he first appeared, but after a few weeks on the drug, he has transformed into a little gorilla. The doctor told us about the possibility of hair growth as a side effect, but I never anticipated it to be so severe” Bri said.

The drug appears to have rescued the infant, who had previously been admitted to a neonatal facility and stayed there for two and a half months. “When he was born, we brought him home for a month,” Bri explained, “but then I saw he was shaking a lot and eating a lot, so I took him to the doctor.” He had dangerously low blood sugar, with values in the 30s compared to a safe range of 70 to 100, putting him at risk of seizures or possibly death. He was admitted to Texas Children’s Hospital’s NICU, where physicians prescribed medicine to help him manage his insulin and blood sugar levels. He began on a modest amount, but it was ineffective, so physicians increased his dosage to the maximum. It was a terrifying and stressful situation, but the drug saved his life.”

The family seemed to have finally accepted their baby’s fuzziness. “When we go out in public, people compliment him on his appearance but comment, “Wow, that’s a lot of hair, I’ve never seen that before,” which we have to explain is due to his condition. Some people say things like “Throw the whole baby away” or “Wax him,” but I don’t care; all that counts is that my baby is healthy. It’s not something to be embarrassed about, and I’m sure people wouldn’t say things like that if they had children of their own. His life was spared by the medication, and I’d prefer he be hairy and healthy than sick “She confirmed it.


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