Dying Father Fights Death Just Enough To Meet His Daughter Once

It’s difficult to see someone battle for their life when they know they don’t have much time. Every minute spent with them is priceless, and we make every effort to meet all of their requirements and fulfill any final desires they may have. Most people’s dying wishes are virtually always to meet or speak with someone. This dying parent, on the other hand, wished to meet someone who hadn’t even been born yet. Brett, a brain tumor sufferer, kept himself alive just long enough to see his third kid in a tragic episode of Gogglebox, a British TV series, for a Stand Up To Cancer special, and viewers got to watch one of the best expressions of a father’s love.

The episode opens with a look at Brett and Nicola’s relationship. They began as friends, but soon realized there was more to them than that. They would eventually marry and have two lovely daughters together in the years to come. Nicola added, “He genuinely adored being a parent…he was such a terrific dad.” “It made me very pleased,” she said, “but then he became ill.”

Nicola had seen changes in Brett’s behavior for some time, but it wasn’t until 2015 that they received the startling news that he had a brain tumor. “We sat down with his neurologist and they went over the extremities of what the procedure may lead to,” the distraught wife remembered. The pair was told that the procedure may result in either the excision of the tumor or death. “We were on the verge of panicking, so they removed as much of the tumor as they could. The tumor developed back more aggressively while I was pregnant with Arya (my third child). It was impossible to operate on it “According to Metro UK, she stated.

Brett had a seizure at home and had to be transported to Milton Keynes three months later when Nicola went into labor with their third child at Luton hospital. The only thing Nicola wanted after giving birth to their daughter was for Brett to be able to hold his infant as he had desired. According to the Daily Mail, Nicola claimed, “It was like a race against time to make sure we were okay but could get going [to the hospital he was in].” She made it on time thanks to a cooperative medical staff. “She stated,” she said “I was aware of what was about to occur, and I wanted him to know that everything would be OK. I assured him that was OK and that he shouldn’t injure himself any longer.”

Nicola lay her newborn baby girl, Arya, on Brett for the first and final time, and it was the first and last time the father saw his daughter. Even the mother recalled how their newest child seemed to him. He died knowing he was with her after spending a few hours with her. On February 11, 2019, she was born at 5:07 a.m., and three hours later, he unfortunately died at 8:25 a.m. His two older girls still believe that their father, whom they affectionately refer to as their “superhero gorgeous prince,” gives them feathers to let them know he’s keeping an eye on them.


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