Missing 16-YO Girl Gets Rescued By Driver After Making Hand Signals For Help She Learned From Internet

A girl was lost from her home, and a hand gesture she learnt on TikTok saved her life. The adolescent was able to signal for assistance to others traveling behind her.

The 16-year-old girl might discreetly inform someone about her disappearance, according to Kentucky authorities. The Canadian Women’s Foundation’s “Signal for Help” has received praise. Officer Gilbert Acciardo, the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office’s public affairs officer, said it was “perhaps the finest thing” he has seen in his almost 50 years of duty.

Victims in peril might use the hand gesture to signal that they require assistance. Thankfully, the girl who had been kidnapped was aware of this simple yet life-saving hand signal.

During the year 2020, the signal got popular on TikTok. Many folks were able to appeal for aid silently thanks to the signal.

This signal is likewise basic and easy to memorize. Simply face the camera with your palms facing it and tuck your thumb inside your palm.

The premise is that they “trap” their thumb, implying that the victims are ensnared as well. The motion is simple to pick up and identify.
Many people praised the youngster for her intelligence, while others praised the Canadian Women’s Foundation for inventing the hand gesture. “I would have never understood what that hand motion meant, but now I do,” one netizen commented. This is something that has to be taught.”

“Respect to the driver who noticed the hand signals and phoned the cops; they saved that girl’s life,” someone else wrote.

Thankfully, the missing girl signal was received by a driver who knew what she was doing, and it made all the difference.


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