The Baby Saw His Father For The First Time, His Reaction Will Melt Your Heart

Two weeks ago, 7-month-old Theo Bennett had surgery on both eyes, now wears glasses and is indescribably happy – especially when he saw his father for the first time.

Sitting on his mother’s lap, he looked at the world from a different perspective. Theo has eye problems after his mother noticed an unusual shadow over his eyes when he was only 6 months old. Theo immediately underwent surgery and the natural lenses on his eyes were replaced with artificial ones.

Two weeks later he was ready for the glasses. “When he put on his glasses, he looked at me with a big smile and started looking around,” said his father. His heart is melting because he can finally see. That was wonderful. We took it out that day and it was clear that he was looking at the world with completely different eyes.”

Theo now happily hunts family cats with his two older brothers and plays in the park. His doctors hope that in the future he will need reading glasses only.

You can see the video here!


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