Honest 11-year-old Returns Lost Wallet Even Though His Family Has Money Problems

Despite his family’s financial difficulties, an honest 11-year-old returns his wallet.

Despite his own family’s financial challenges, the honest 11-year-old found a wallet on the street and took the time to return it to its rightful owner.

Vince Hietpas discovered a wallet on the sidewalk. Despite his own family’s financial hardships, the sincere 11-year-old took the effort to return the lost item to its rightful owner.

Vince and his father Lorenzo were wandering around Voyager Park in Wisconsin on Memorial Day when they came upon a wallet on the ground. The father and son rummaged through the wallet seeking a hint as to who the owner was. They dug out the address after locating a driver’s license so they could return the wallet to its rightful owner.

Chase Dahlke had just discovered he was missing his wallet when he returned home from Voyager Park fishing. He’d given up hope that the wallet would ever be found, until Vince appeared on their doorway!

When Vince stepped onto the Dahlkes’ porch, they were actually at their neighbor’s house. Jason, Chase’s father, observed the small youngster holding up the missing wallet through the doorbell video and hurried home.

Jason was glad to reward Vince, but he could only give him $2 because it was the only money remaining in the wallet. Vince took the money from Dahlkes gratefully and joyously, demonstrating what a terrific youngster he was.

These are the kinds of good actions that should be appreciated!

Similarly, two little boys returned a wallet to its owner with $495 intact. The wallet was discovered in a petrol station in Arlington, Washington, by 12-year-old David Gray and 11-year-old Case Baker, who swiftly returned it to owner Scott Ames.

Michelle, Chase’s stepmother, wanted to do more. She shared photographs from the camera doorbell on Facebook.

“Does anyone know who this youngster is?” We’d want to honor him! I’m grateful for him and his father. There is so much hatred and hostility in our world. It’s time to look at the bright side of things. By Voyageur Park, this boy and his father discovered Chase’s wallet. Rather than snatching everything Chase possesses, they noticed Chase’s address on his driver’s license and dropped the wallet off in perfect condition! There is so much good and optimism in the world that it is past time for us to focus on it. Thank you for raising such a wonderful child, gentle guy.”

Michelle quickly contacted Vince and his father.

Lorenzo, a meatpacking industry employee. To keep his family afloat, he was juggling many jobs. Despite the difficulties, Vince and his father returned the wallet without hesitation.

Michelle took the initiative, as she stated in her message.

“***YET ANOTHER UPDATE… We made touch with this family. The father was unemployed because to C*VID. Despite having nothing, this family nonetheless returned the wallet! This family is in desperate need of our love and assistance. We are grateful that we were able to locate them, and we wish we could do more to help this beautiful family. The family wants you to know how appreciative they are for all of your nice comments and affection! The youngster likes reading all of the comments and expresses his gratitude.”


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