Disputed math problem. How Many Triangles Are There?

Can you identify how many triangles there are in this snapshot just looking at it? It’s a question that almost everyone is stumped by.

However, if you spend enough time analyzing the snapshot, you should be able to figure out the correct answer. The most typical response is a number of ten, which is incorrect.

Are you prepared to hear the official response and learn how to fix it? Make sure to look at the image below and keep reading to get the correct answer!

How many triangles are in the photo?

Do you know the right answer?

Officially, the answer is 18! You can see in the photo above that the person has sketched out exactly where the shapes are using a marker. To be honest, some believe you could go to 25 triangles if you look at it even more closely, but 18 has been confirmed as the correct figure. Did you realize it was made up of 18 triangles at first glance?


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