Loving Dad Books 6 Flights On Christmas To Spend Time With His Flight Attendant Daughter

Christmas is a season when we express and celebrate our love for one another. It’s the time of year when we gather together with our loved ones to spend time with our family and friends. However, many individuals are unable to take time off work to spend the holidays with their families.

Mike Levy encountered one of these diligent employees who had to work through the holidays when he was traveling home to Detroit from Fort Myers, Florida, on Christmas Eve: Pierce Vaughan, a Delta Airlines flight attendant. She had to work both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year, but she did it with a bright smile, much to Mike’s astonishment.

Mike discovered that the man in the seat next to him was Pierce’s father, Hal Vaughan, and that this devoted father had booked every trip his daughter would take so that he could spend time with her and ensure that she wouldn’t be alone for Christmas.

“On my way home, I had the pleasure of sitting next to Hal. Pierce, his daughter, was our flight attendant who had to work over the holidays. Hal made the decision to spend the holidays with her. As a result, he’ll be travelling on each of her flights today and tomorrow across the nation to spend Christmas with his daughter. What a wonderful father you have! I wish you both a very happy holiday season!” Mike was the one who shared.

Hal ended himself travelling six times between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in order to spend the holidays with his adoring daughter.

Mike explained, “I indicated I was headed back home while speaking with Hal.” “He then proceeded to tell me about his daughter, who works as a flight attendant for us, and how he was accompanying her to spend Christmas with her. I was astounded and felt he was a fantastic father for going out of his way to spend time with his daughter.”

“Pierce is a sweetheart. He went on to say, “She clearly knows now how amazing her father is.”

Hal had been suffering from a recent neck injury and found it difficult to go through all of the airports, but the personnel and crew were really kind and he was able to complete the journey.

Mike explained that he is still healing from a neck accident that rendered him quadriplegic for a while earlier this year. “This was his first excursion after the accident,” says the narrator.

Pierce saw Mike’s post online and reposted it with the following message: “Look mom, we did it Kimberly Hal Vaughan!” Dad’s first vacation utilizing his benefits went off without a hitch! Thank you to all of the patient, lovely gate agents around the country, as well as my flawless team. He made every trip and even got first class on the RSW-DTW aircraft (a Christmas miracle).”

“Thank you, Mike Levy, for being such a fantastic first-class traveler and making us realize how awesome this is!”

Hal’s gesture for his daughter, flying with her on six flights when he was healing from an accident for the sole purpose of spending time with Pierce for Christmas, demonstrates how much he adores her. Hal is still caring for his newborn child, despite the fact that she is now an adult.


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