Rescued Circus Elephants Reunite After 22 Years— The Unforgettable Moment Is Melting Hearts

Believe it or not, every inch of this giant is full of emotion. Elephants are huge, cute and intelligent. They have the largest brains of any animal that has ever entered the country.

Look them deep in the eye. You will see someone who is smart and someone who cares about what he has to do.

Elephants are captured and bred in captivity. Because of their soft and warm nature, many of them are mistreated.

Elephants are often tortured by cruel people before joining a circus crew. They are then taken to circuses, where they are often brutally tortured.

The story of Shirley and Jenny makes us cry. They were captured by the circus staff and forced to perform. Life in the circus is horrible for a baby elephant and for others. But they supported each other and became best friends.

Some people sneaked into the circus and stole Jenny. She was taken away in the back of a van. Some people volunteered at the elephant reserve. Then came the best of it all.

Jenny has made so many friends at the sanctuary, but she still misses her home. She got a second chance and she’s living her best life.

Shirley would not have been at her side if cruel people had been her companions. The circus staff were not there for the other animals, but for the welfare of the animals that had been harmed. Shirley would have been there if she could.

The circus decided to get rid of her. She ended up in the same shelter. Shirley hadn’t seen an elephant in nearly two decades. She didn’t know what to do when she met Jenny.

People from the sanctuary brought another friendly elephant, Tara, near Shirley to the cell. As Shirley acted quickly, she stretched out her trunk towards Tara and Tara did the same.

And that’s the second best part. Jenny walked up to Shirley and let out the loudest scream I’ve ever heard. The two friends hugged and leaned over the counter.

Shirley became aware of her freedom and she was happy. A volunteer opened the door and Shirley was able to hug her friend. She remembered him well and they spent two hours together. Elephants will never forget that this is true.

Shirley and Jenny are not the only animals with sad stories. Millions of animals live in captivity and the situation does not seem to be moving in the right direction. Animals are killed and tortured because poachers do not think about their feelings. They are only interested in profit and nothing else.


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