“I Am Perfect The Way I Am,” Selena Gomez Loves Her Body And Refuses To Conform To Beauty Standards

Selena Gomez flaunted her full figure in a swimsuit in May 2015 at the age of 23, but instead of receiving compliments and encouragement, the singer was called out for being overweight. Because of all the criticism she received, she ultimately sought out professional assistance.

She admitted to Us Weekly in October of the same year that she had sought assistance so she could work on herself. She also discussed the kinds of events that pushed her in that direction.

The “Revival” singer said to the tabloid how when she arrived at the airport, she would often hear people shouting, “You’re overweight!” at her. It was terrible. The star claimed that she began her career in Hollywood at the age of seven, but 2015 marked the first time she experienced body shaming.

Gomez grew weary of being criticized and saddened by her perception that she was being “drawn down by something.” She began treatment and was able to accept herself as she was.

Even being naked for the record cover of her “Revival” album “felt nice” to the star. She claimed that rather of staying in her melancholy state in her room, she was growing more self-aware, liberated, and certain.

In November 2017, Gomez shared more information about her battle with her lupus diagnosis. The celebrity made her condition public on Instagram while giving a speech at the Lupus Research Alliance Annual Gala in New York City.

She wrote in her article that she will be “laying low” for some of the summer in the wake of getting a kidney from her friend Francia Rasa. She called herself “fortunate” and thanked her donor for giving her the “ultimate gift.”

The performer spoke about her decision to reveal her lupus battle at the event in order to spread awareness of the disease. She described how testing to check her kidney function led to the diagnosis of the condition by medical professionals.

Gomez was informed that she required a transplant after being identified as having the disease’s complication, lupus nephritis. After her friend donated her organs, the star was doing well.

The singer acknowledged in August 2020 interview with Cosmopolitan that she had experienced insecurity in the past. The singer added: “She mentioned that having lupus caused her weight to fluctuate a lot.

“Therefore, I had to develop a thick skin and the realization that it doesn’t matter at all relatively early in life. Simply hateful.”

In 2019, Gomez spoke about the impact of social media on her generation at the Cannes Film Festival. She admitted that when she saw how vulnerable young boys and girls were on social media, she started to feel terrified.

The “Wizards of Waverly Place” actress claimed she believed it was impossible to make social media secure and tried to be mindful when posting in order to avoid unduly pressurising her fans. For her own mental health, Gomez took a break from social media, and she advised others to do the same, saying:

“I am more content, present, and socially connected.”

Source: dailyhighlight.com


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