Tina Turner Reveals That Husband Erwin Bach Gave Her The “Gift Of Life” By Donating His Kidney

“He claimed he didn’t desire another life or lady. He then surprised me. He claimed he wanted to donate a kidney to me.”

According to Tina Turner, her husband gave a kidney for her kidney transplant.

The 78-year-old singer has a renal disease, according to her memoirs, and by 2016, according to USA TODAY, her kidney function was” 20 percent and plummeting rapidly.” She first wed Ike Turner, whom she met in a Manhattan nightclub. Turner said that their marriage had suffered years after she and Ike divorced.

Fortunately, Turner had another chance to fall in love—this time with music business mogul Erwin Bach. She wasn’t planning on dating again when she first met Bach, but because of his persistence, they ended up writing the most heartwarming love tale. Turner claimed as follows in an HBO documentary: “He had the most attractive face. It was impossible to miss. My heart began to thump. It denotes the meeting of two souls. My hands began to tremble. Tina, you ride with Erwin, Roger remarked to me, and I immediately wanted to shout, “Yay!””

Bach opted to pop the question to her on her 50th birthday, one of her favorite days, after three years of serious dating. Turner, though, didn’t respond as he had anticipated. Instead, because she was afraid of committing, she gave a hazy response. Despite his reservations, Bach’s love for the illustrious performer did not diminish; nearly three decades later, she said yes. In 2013, the pair got married in their luxuriously decorated Swiss home.

Turner has always had Bach by her side, and he has never wavered in his support. He also helped her through her medical issues. In 2016, Turner received a kidney cancer diagnosis. She was given the option of receiving therapy with standard dialysis or a transplant. Then Bach did something incredible: he offered to give her one of his kidneys. She remembered, “He claimed he didn’t want another life or women. He then surprised me. He claimed he wanted to donate a kidney to me.”

Success with the kidney transplant made her grateful to her spouse for giving her the “gift of life.” She continued by saying she was “glad, overwhelmed and relieved” to have survived the trauma.

Turner lost her first child, Craig Turner, and sadly, tragedy struck her life once again. Craig, her 59-year-old ex-boyfriend, was discovered dead from self-inflicted gunshot wounds. It was Turner’s “most depressing moment.” Even in the most difficult circumstances, Bach has remained devoted to the singer, refusing to let her problems or popularity interfere with their relationship.

Turner asserted in 2019 that her lifelong lover had never stopped praising her in his letters, despite the passage of so many years. “Erwin and I have been together for nearly 30 years, and he still writes me love letters – isn’t that romantic?” she captioned a photo of herself with Bach.

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