Liam Neeson’s Son Changed His Last Name from Neeson to Richardson to Honor His Late Mother, Natasha Richardson

Micheál Neeson, Liam Neeson’s son, changed his last name from Neeson to Richardson in 2009 to honor his late mother, Natasha Richardson. She was skiing in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, when she fell and was gravely injured.

Liam and his boys, Micheál and Daniel, were saddened and crushed by her tragic death. Liam has given multiple interviews in recent years in which he has expressed the profound feelings of grief and bewilderment he and his sons have experienced.

Even after five years, Liam told Anderson Cooper in 2014 that Natasha’s death still didn’t feel real to him.

“Her death was a figment of her imagination. It still isn’t quite right. She was said to be brain dead. I was staring at her X-ray and thought to myself, “Wow.” ‘Sweetie, you’re not coming back from this,’ I remarked after telling her I loved her. You slammed your head against the wall. This is what happened. I’m not sure whether you can hear me, but this is what happened. We’ll transport you back to New York, together with your family and friends.’

She died on March 18, two days after sustaining a catastrophic brain injury in a skiing accident.

Her sons were devastated by their mother’s death. Micheál died when she was only 13 years old. Liam has now spoken out about his grief at the loss.

In an interview with Andy Cohen, he discussed his son Micheál’s decision to take the surname Richardson.

“I believe he made the right decision. I thought it was a great homage, a nice gesture, and he’s not stuck with my last name, which, I suppose, gives me celebrity status.”

Micheal’s act of changing his name meant a lot to Liam’s aunts, Natasha’s sisters, according to Liam.

“I’d hate for him to be questioned, ‘Oh, are you Liam Neeson’s son?’ all the time.” As a result, it was a thoughtful gesture. It had a profound impact on Natasha’s family, mother, and sisters, as well as on me.”

In addition, Liam and Micheál co-starred in the film “Made in Italy.” It was about a father-son duo dealing with the loss of their wife and mother, respectively, and attempting to sell the land she left behind.

Liam and Micheal said they agreed to shoot the film because it spoke to them personally.

When questioned if the real-life connections to their journey made the experience hard for the two, he said.

“It did and it didn’t,” says the narrator. It seemed as if someone had grabbed my gut and twisted it when I first read it, and it was extremely frightening.”

“It made my stomach flip because it touched on something Micheál and I both went through, and are still going through 11 years later.” And I figured it’d be even better if I could do it with my son.”

He added that numerous other young performers auditioned for the part, but Micheál won it in the end, and Liam was the one who gave his son the script.



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