Nine Month Old Black Baby Becomes An Internet Sensation With His Black Beauty

Jeremiah, who is now 22 months old, embodies the beauty of darker skin well. He went on to advertise for several children’s clothing campaigns when she was 9 months old. His images were recently featured in a Primark store. According to, Gabrielle told them how vital it was to have people with dark complexion represented in huge advertisements, especially young people, because the beauty business frequently excludes them.

Jeremiah has gone on to advertise for a number of well-known brands since his photoshoot with Primark, including Rochelle Humes’ skincare company, a Pampers photoshoot, a skin and hair company, and fashion magazines. Jeremiah’s art isn’t simply limited to the United Kingdom; a newly opened American Primark store in Brooklyn featured Jeremiah’s photographs. As a result, Jeremiah has gone viral all around the world.

“It was extremely overwhelming seeing him in the Primark store for the first time,” Gabrielle told “We were so pleased and couldn’t believe our baby was suddenly the featured model in a store and not only online.” “We first spotted him in a store in Brooklyn, New York, after someone sent us a picture via his Instagram profile, and then a few others sent us pictures from different stores around the UK,” she continued. We didn’t realize it was going to be in stores because we had waited so long for the campaign to go live that we assumed it would only be available online.”

Jeremiah is just 22 months old, so Gabrielle doesn’t think he’s aware of the joy we’re all experiencing. However, he did notice himself and began smiling and pointing, which was adorable. “Our family was extremely very thrilled!” she exclaimed happily. They’ve been bragging to all their pals about how proud they are to have a celebrity in their family.” Nonetheless, Gabrielle, a competent manager, expressed her gratitude to God for allowing Jeremiah to model for a major high-street apparel label, adding that she still has higher goals.

“I think it would be excellent to collaborate with more high-end companies like Armani or Hugo Boss, because they don’t have any representation of dark-skinned newborns,” she remarked. Working with baby firms like Mothercare, Aptamil, or Tommee Tippee, who mostly use white kids, might also be beneficial.” We are all confident that Jeremiah will be given more significant opportunities in the future.



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