Plus-size Woman Shuts Down Friend Who Told Her Fiancé She Isn’t Attractive Enough For Him

After shouting out at her former best friend for attempting to persuade her fiancé to reconsider their engagement, she struggled with a moral problem.

After striking out at her former best friend for trying to persuade her fiancé to reconsider their engagement, a lady approached the r/AmItheAsshole Reddit community with a moral issue. “AITA for telling my now-ex-best friend that she was ugly because of her personality?” Before delving into a devastating story of treachery and destroyed friendships, u/creepystuffthrow asked the community. “Mike, my fiancé, is a smokin’ hot guy. I mean, he’s model-like attractive, and I’m a plus-sized gothic woman who isn’t seen as conventionally appealing. He’s a sapiosexual as well. For weeks after we started long-distance, he didn’t even ask for a photo “the OP clarified

“He said that my brain was sufficient for him, and he proves it every day. We’ve been together for five years, four of which we’ve lived with, and I feel adored and virtually worshipped “she went on. “He proposed a week ago. He planned a fantastic proposal that included the majority of our friends and family. I saw Julie, my best friend since we were 10, wasn’t there, but I didn’t think much of it. Julie is also quite attractive and a budding influencer.” Mike revealed to u/creepystuffthrow a frightening chat he had with Julie before proposing to her a few days after their engagement.

“Mike sat me down two days earlier, and he appeared to be in a bad mood. I inquired as to what was wrong, and he handed me his phone, which he used to show me a message thread with Julie in which he sought assistance in organizing his proposal. It began innocently enough, with her asking inquiries about the ring and the location “The story was told by a Reddit member. When Julie began disparaging her long-time friend to her soon-to-be-husband, things swiftly took an unexpected and nasty turn. “She then texted him questions, such as if he truly wants to marry me because of my weight and health issues (I have PCOS and fibro.) Mike has been assisting me with nutrition and exercise, and I’ve shed almost 120 pounds as a result of his efforts. This surprised her because she is well aware of his encouragement and support “u/creepystuffthrow made a post.

“When she started bringing up my ‘flaws,’ like my skin not always being clear or my slightly crooked nose, he nodded yes and went back to attempting to plan. He asked her what she was indicating, and she said that someone as attractive as he is should be with someone as attractive as her, not me. To be honest, his response was a little nasty. He claimed she was not intelligent enough to be attracted to and that her interests were uninteresting. He was blocked by her “The OP has been disclosed. The Reddit user, as hurt as she was by her friend’s betrayal, reached out to her in the hopes of talking about it. A reconciliation, on the other hand, was not in the cards.

“She freaked out when I sent her a message asking her to come over to speak, because she already knew what it was about. She began by making excuses, but eventually stated flatly that I wasn’t pretty enough to deserve him and that it wasn’t fair that she was lovely and unmarried. I replied that she was gorgeous, but that her personality had turned her ugly, and then I blocked her “The soon-to-be wife retold her story. Although the OP believes her former friend’s behavior justified such a response on her part, their common acquaintances disagree about who is to blame.

“Some argue that because she was just dumped, I should be more empathetic (he cheated and got his affair partner pregnant.) A few people are upset that I insulted her in this way. I’m sorry because I insulted her, and I know she’s always felt foolish in comparison to me, and I tapped into her insecurities. My mother and Julie’s mother are also BFFs, and this has harmed their friendship. My mother is also disappointed that I didn’t ‘take the high road,’ but she realizes that my friendship with Julie was already dead “She finished her post by asking fellow Reddit users if she had gone too far. Many people didn’t seem to think so. Many people told the OP that choosing the high road was a waste of time and that her ex-best friend deserved to be kicked out of her life.



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