Young Girl Gifts Clothes And Shoes To Bullied Classmate: ‘I Was Trying So Hard Not To Cry’

Selfless acts occur when people notice others who are in need of assistance and don’t have to worry about making the best decision. Instead, it just comes naturally to them. This youngster knew she had to intervene when one of her classmates was bullied. She most certainly made an incalculable difference in her peer’s life.

Haley Olson is a 7th grader at Phoenix’s Atkinson Middle School. Haley’s family, which includes six additional siblings, does not always have the financial means to purchase the latest stylish clothing. Unfortunately, this has left Haley an outcast among her peers, who have teased her about her clothing.

The pain of the bullying became so severe that Haley told her parents that she wanted to be homeschooled to avoid the bullies. Haley’s mistreatment, on the other hand, was not going undetected. Mariah Andrew, a classmate of Haley’s, took action to help bring love and compassion into her life.

Mariah put together a variety of clothes and shoes for Haley, as well as a backpack, after learning about her clothing sizes from her. Haley was moved and overjoyed at the same time. Mariah’s sensitivity was unlike anything she had ever seen before.

Stories like this can remind us that there is still a lot of compassion and kindness in the world, especially among children. We may all learn from Mariah’s example by offering compassion to others who have been abused, even as adults. It’s not about saving the world when you’re a hero. It’s about standing up to wrongdoing and doing everything we can to make someone’s life better.

Bullying among children has long been accepted. People think it’s just a part of growing up, but that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable. If we teach children to be nasty, it will be difficult for them to ever break free from that worldview. Everyone needs to be held to a higher level. Mariah and Haley demonstrate that kindness has the same impact as hatred. We demonstrate how much better the world can be when we treat others well. There’s no such thing as a bad excuse to do anything out of kindness.

Valley girl helps bullying victim, act of kindness inspires others

"It made me feel happy at first and the day that I gave it to her, I was trying so hard not to cry," said Mariah Andrew.

Posted by Justin Lum – Investigative Reporter on Saturday, February 9, 2019



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