Stranger Spots Proud Little Girl Taking Photos Of Her Dad At Graduation And Bursts Into Tears

A woman just caught a touching photo of a father and his young daughter at a graduation ceremony. And the photo of them is really stunning!

Graduating college students are frequently accompanied by family and friends. However, during a recent graduation ceremony at UCLA, a guy was joined by only his small daughter.

Elena posted a photograph of the father and daughter on Twitter, and the picture quickly went viral.

A small girl of approximately five or six years old can be seen taking shots of her father, who is holding a bouquet of flowers and wearing his graduation hat while dressed properly, in the photos.

“It was just the two of them.” Elena remarked online, “I was crying because she was so proud of him.”

The father earned his law degree from UCLA. Elena revealed that she was able to photograph the two of them together using his phone. What a memorable occasion for this father and daughter!

Graduations are big occasions in our lives, and whether we have a large group of people celebrating with us or just one particular person, it is wonderful to know that your success has made your loved ones pleased. Way to go, dad, for finishing his legal degree while also raising his daughter!



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