Bride Shares Special Vows To Her New Son And His Mom

Families can include biological parents and children, stepmothers and stepfathers, and even those who have been adopted into the family. A family is just a group of people who have committed to love and support one another regardless of what life throws at them.

Things didn’t go as planned for Jeremy and Casey and their baby Landon, but they are still a family. When Casey and Jeremy fell in love with Tyler and Katie, they decided to raise Landon as a family. Katie Hild understands that being a mom is a gift that should not be overlooked.

Katie is marrying her best friend, Jeremy, today. Katie understood that when she accepted Jeremy’s proposal, she was marrying the entire family, which included being a ‘bonus’ mother to Landon. She chose to say some special vows to Landon’s mother, Casey, on the day of her wedding.

During the ceremony, she requested Casey and Tyler to get up, and she proceeded to deliver the most incredible words. She promised to be open and honest with them at all times and to be the best co-parent she could be. She then knelt down in front of Landon. Katie also recited special vows to Landon because she wanted him to know that she would care for and cherish him every day.

This remarkable demonstration of co-parenting moved my heart, and it’s so inspiring to see parents working together to care for their children. This little child is extremely fortunate to have such a strong support system. I wish this family happiness for a lifetime!

The Bible makes it plain that marriage vows should be treated seriously. “I do” is a pledge to God as well as your spouse. Unfortunately, we live in a world where those vows are frequently broken. That’s why we applauded this married woman’s answer to a man’s utterly inappropriate approaches!

On the social networking site Imgur, a lady known only as littlesb79 knows what true love looks like. She’s married to a wonderful man who has been there for her through thick and thin. So she didn’t think much of it when a new “friend” started talking her up.

During the election, the two had engaged in some political banter on Facebook. The woman never expected anything out of the ordinary because her Facebook status was plainly set to married. Their interactions had always been brief and pleasant.

Until he crossed the line entirely and completely one day.

The man texted her and suggested they go out. The married woman respectfully declined, noting her that she has a spouse. Clearly, it was supposed to be the end of it. But this individual simply did not comprehend the message.

“Are you married? Okay, so am I, but we’re not going to tell. It’ll be enjoyable “He responded.

Doesn’t it make your blood boil a little? You’re not alone, though.

The “in sickness and in health” aspect of this married woman’s vows had already been fulfilled. Her spouse had demonstrated his devotion to her and their marriage in several ways. So this man’s blatant disdain for marriage’s sanctity set her on fire. And she wasn’t going to take it!

Who knows what this man was anticipating from the married woman’s reaction. But it wasn’t likely this:

“Last year, when I was diagnosed with cancer, I didn’t have the courage to tell my boys (who I had always protected) that I might die. My husband had no choice but to look them in the eyes and tell them I was unwell. He took care of me after that, emptying drainage bags, giving me blood thinner shots, holding my hand while I was in pain, and taking me to get chemo infusions. ‘Love is watching someone die,’ was a song lyric that would repeatedly play in my thoughts throughout this period. So, who will see you die, is my question to you. Please stop texting me and get your house in order.”

When he read her response, I’m inclined to guess his face looked something like this:

This woman deserves praise for showing this cheater what marriage should be like. We surely hope her words resonate with him and prompt him to reconsider his motivations.



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