Trolls Are Never Able To Fat Shame Pierce Brosnan’s Wife Due To His Perfect Responses

In Hollywood, there are a lot of cliches. It’s rather common for older male celebrities to date models half their age.

While you would think Pierce Brosnan fits into this group, he has proven his critics wrong.

Keely is not just 10 years Pierce’s junior, but she is also not a size zero!
Since 1994, the adorable couple has been together.
They met at a party when Keely was working as a television correspondent in Mexico.
She was supposed to interview Ted Danson, but she ended up interviewing Pierce instead.
“He was enthralling.”
In 2001, Keely told People, “He was tall, gorgeous, and black, everything that any woman would instantly be drawn to.”
In the midst of recent sadness, his wife, Cassandra, died of ovarian cancer.
Pierce became a single father after Cassandra died, as he had adopted her children, Charlotte and Chris, shortly after they married.
In an interview with The Sun, Pierce gushed over his wife, saying, “Keely has always been kind and empathetic and encouraged me to mourn Cassie.”

“I’m always thinking about her.” Keely, I think, is my North Star, always keeping an eye out for me.”

In 1997, their blended family expanded.
On January 13, 1997, their son Dylan was born. On February 27, 2001, Pierce and Keely welcomed their second child together in Paris.

Pierce “cherishes” every moment of becoming a father because he grew up without one.

It’s no secret that pregnancy is difficult on your body.

After the birth of her two kids, Keely acquired some weight. Because we live in a shallow world, people were not very kind to her.
People were perplexed as to why Pierce would stay with someone who had changed so dramatically in looks.
These naysayers, however, fail to recognize that Keely and Pierce’s love is more than skin deep.
Pierre admires his wife for being such a wonderful wife, mother, and person.
That is something that no number on the scale can ever change.
She has him on her side even when trolls insult her weight.
Jenelle Evans, one of the Teen Mom stars, was involved in one of the attacks.
In the year 2021, she shared a before-and-after photo of the actor and his wife on Facebook.
The photographs, taken 20 years apart, demonstrate how much they’ve changed.
Jenelle posted the shot, tagging her husband David and writing, “This is us.”
Eason was not pleased with the analogy. “We don’t appear to be that overweight,” he explained.
“Close to it,” Janelle replied, laughing. After the two received a lot of backlash, Facebook enforced a temporary suspension.

It has also been discussed among their pals.

When asked how he thinks about Keely’s weight loss, Keely’s pal offered her weight loss surgery during an interview.

He continued, saying:

“In the past, I actually loved her for who she was, not just for her beauty, and now that she is my children’s mother, I love her even more,” he concluded.
And I’m really proud of her, and I strive to live up to her expectations.”
This just goes to show how fortunate Keely is! Her husband is a kind, caring parent who is also a strong protector.
Our only goal in life is to have someone who will always defend us, regardless of the circumstances. If this isn’t pure love, I’m not sure what it looks like!

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