A Woman Going Back Home at Night Gets Followed by a Group of 3 Men, Hugs a Stranger & Asks for Help

We live in a world that may be rather frightening at times — it can be dark, harsh, and dreary when it so desires. The story for today comes from New York, New York.

When a man Tweeted about what happened to him on his way home one night, a random woman hugged him and pleaded for aid, the message went viral.

On Twitter, our story’s protagonist is known as @WonderKing82. He shared the full incident in a thread that has now gone viral, garnering admiration and support from around the globe.
The following is how the incident unfolded, as described by the individual himself via a Twitter thread:
We are eternally grateful for this brave human being’s presence. This woman was on her own, but she was trailed by a gang of three males who stayed with her throughout her journey. They followed her even when she tried to stop at a store.
Until she spotted our hero, saw his welcoming grin, and her instincts led her to hug him and seek for assistance. He walked her home, making sure she was secure, and the three men were powerless to intervene.
@WonderKing82, Thank you for always being a gentleman. Thank you for coming, and we hope to see more men like you in the future. Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

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