Marlon Wayans Opens Up About Will Smith Oscars Slap, Says Chris Rock Is ‘Too Small’ To Be Hit

Will Smith slapping Chris Rock during the 94th Academy Awards drew Marlon Wayans’ ire.
The Respect actor opened out about the Oscars catastrophe last month when appearing on a recent edition of The Breakfast Club, saying that the experience didn’t sit well with him. Wayans also stated that the slap had hit a nerve with him, despite the fact that Rock is much smaller than The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor.
Because both Will Smith and Chris Rock are his pals, Wayans said the slap was “challenging” for him to observe.
In comparison to Will Smith, Chris Rock is substantially smaller, according to the actor.
Will Smith and Chris Rock have made amends, according to Marlon Wayans.
“Chris Rock is always going to be Chris Rock; you have to anticipate that from him. And occasionally, when you’re closest friends, bad things happen, and I wish it hadn’t…. I hope they find a way to work it out “‘I told the outlet,’ he said.
He concluded the talk by saying that it will only be a matter of time before Rock and Smith make peace and move on from their tumultuous relationship.

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